Quality Certificate for İzmir Tram

quality certificate to izmir tramway
quality certificate to izmir tramway

Hosted and operated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Karşıyaka trams received quality approval from the Turkish Standards Institute. TSE, Konak and the integrated management system of Izmir Metro Karşıyaka also included tramways.

İzmir Metro A.Ş., which has been serving in İzmir by adopting a fast, comfortable and safe business approach since 2000, Karşıyaka and Konak tram lines to the same standards. The institution, which registered its success with the 5 management system certificate received from the Turkish Standards Institute, has successfully completed the annual surveillance and certificate renewal audits this year. İzmir Metro A.Ş., which has 5 separate standard certificate from TSE, has also achieved quality approval for İzmir Tramway.

Successful audit

Mansion and Karşıyaka Following the application to certify that the tramways operate at the same standards as the metro, the Izmir Tram Karşıyaka enterprises were audited by TSE both on the document and in the field according to the standards of 5 management documents. At the end of the audit, Turkish Standards Institute, Konak and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's quality management system. Karşıyaka also included tramways.

With this certification, 20 stations and 17 vehicles fleet on the 182 km route on the Metro line, a total of 22 km routes on the Tram line, 33 stops and a fleet of 5 vehicles with 38 modules were included in the "Integrated Management System".

Metro business 5 received separate documents

İzmir Metro, TS-EN-ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, TS-EN-ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, TS-18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate, and in 2011, TS-ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System Certificate and TS-EN-ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate kazanarak established the integrated management system. Finally, with the quality approval from TSE in tram management, the service quality of the rail system in İzmir was approved by the most authorized institution in its field.


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