Chairman Aktas, met with OtoKoop Artisans

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas visited the Oto Oto Galericiler Bazaar (OtoKoop) in Soğanlı Neighborhood and consulted with gallery tradesmen.

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who continues to exchange ideas for the future of Bursa by visiting associations and tradesmen, lastly visited the Bursa Auto Gallery Dealers Bazaar (OtoKoop) in Soğanlı District. Meeting with the head of Bursa Chamber of Galleries, Hakan Yanık, site managers and tradesmen, President Alinur Aktaş listened to the views and thoughts of the gallery owners first hand. Mayor Aktaş, who received information about OtoKoop during the visit attended by the AK Party Osmangazi District Chairman Ufuk Cömez, exchanged ideas on the needs and opinions of the tradesmen. After a visit in a friendly environment, Mayor Aktaş toured the bazaar, sohbet took a souvenir photo.

“We are meeting with all parties“

Stating that they continue their visits to tradesmen and associations without interruption and continue to meet with different commercial segments, President Aktaş stated that there are around 800 thousand motor vehicles in Bursa, the heart of the economy. Expressing that almost everyone has a car, Mayor Aktaş stated that there are two OtoKoops in Bursa, across the BUTTİM, and around 400 tradesmen. Stating that a total area of ​​100 acres is used, but according to Bursa's potential, Mayor Aktaş said, “We sat down with both our Chamber President and our site president and our shopkeepers. We consulted about the general course, the future, the advantages and disadvantages. Issues such as green areas, roads and infrastructure are already the primary duties of the Metropolitan Municipality. We struggle to raise the vision of the city, take it to higher levels and use it economically efficiently. We are talking to all parties for this. We exchange information with non-governmental organizations and tradesmen. I hope that good and good things will come out of the Otokoop visit. How happy we are to realize important works for the future of Bursa. We had positive discussions with our shopkeepers. We have received important tips. Our negotiations will continue in line with the information we received. ”

Bursa Chamber of Galleries President Hakan Yanık expressed his satisfaction with the visit and said, “This visit, which has been missed and expected for years, made us and our shopkeepers extremely happy. To our President, a third OtoKoop to Bursa kazanWe have expressed our opinions for the improvement. Extremely well presented topics. If our president supports these projects and continues to enter the public, good things will come out. As tradesmen, we were extremely pleased with his visit.”

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