Pirate Level Crossings to be Closed to Traffic in Batman

pirate level crossings at dusk
pirate level crossings at dusk

TCDD rail routes to secure the passage of routes on the TCDD Garage Directorate rolled up arms.

TCDD Directorate of Garage officials stating that TCDD routes on the TCDD routes passing through the city center of Batman will be closed to traffic: ın Unfortunately, we are sometimes shaken by the bitter news in the invisible accidents occurring at the crossroads of pirates. On the previous day, a citizen crashed in the vehicle that was hit by the work machine in the accident at the highlands level. Therefore, it is necessary to revise level crossings again. We're not gonna let the pirate crossings in Batman city center. These level crossings will be made safe by hand, '' he said.

Source : I www.batmancagdas.co

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