OSTIM Designed in Bursa, Tragger Airport Freight Transportation Vehicle


By combining advanced engineering and design, CDMMobil has begun to produce TRIGER, a domestic and national electric truck brand, in its factory in Bursa Hasanaga Organized Industrial Zone. With the 85 kW engine, TRAGGER is able to provide 7,4 watches in a single charge and has the capacity to carry 6 kg load and 700 tons.

The 17 3,2 is capable of climbing up to a slope of 3.114 and 240 with a length of 220 is installed in two different speed modes: fast and slow. With the 6 Ah battery of the TRAGGER's 100 V, the XNUMX XNUMX is full of XNUMX per hour, while the battery pack offers QuickDrop for fast change.

In particular, the vehicle will be used for transportation of goods and people in areas such as factories, factories, airports and ports.


📩 06/11/2018 18:16

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