Double Comfort Comes to OSB Transportation

Double comfort comes in osb transport
Double comfort comes in osb transport

Mayor Toçoğlu, who made examinations on the new double road brought between D-100 Highway (SATSO) - 1st OIZ by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, said, “We are surrounding our city with new double roads, and we are expanding our city double road network every day. Hopefully, we will put the 1 kilometer divided road in the region into service in a short time. Good luck. ”

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu made studies on the new double road works that were brought between D-100 Highway (SATSO) - 1. OIZ. Mayor Toçoğlu, who received information about the final point in the works, was accompanied by Arifiye Mayor İsmail Karakullukçu, Deputy Secretary General Ayhan Kardan and YOLBAK President Haydar Akbulut. Mayor Toçoğlu said that they will continue to surround the city in double ways. Arifiye Mayor Karakullukçu thanked for the new double road.

1 kilometers of divided road
President Toçoğlu said, alar As Metropolitan Municipality, we continue to work to add comfort to traffic. In this context, we have announced the new transportation project 12 for our city. Summer Junction, Yavuz Selim Street, ADA AVM Overpass, 3. We have completed our work at the entrance. 1. The new duplex road that we will build between OSB-SATSO was also included in our projects. We are increasing the width of the artery where the arrival is one direction to 40 meters. We will make the 1 kilometer a divided pathway. X

Be good
Sharing the details of the ongoing works on the new double road, President Toçoğlu said, uble A very important artery in transportation to the Organized Industrial Zone. We continue our basic paving operations. We will complete the asphalt works of the artery where a strip is completed and put it into a single strip. Then we will complete all our operations quickly. Good luck. Hayır


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