Youth Vaccine for Centuries-old Sycamores on the Tramway in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which applies scientific methods for the treatment of old trees throughout the city, has also taken the centuries-old plane trees on Gazi Boulevard under protection. The work that starts after the tram runs and continues throughout the night will be completed at the end of October.

20 pieces on the Gazi Boulevard, which protects the sycamore tree and care to handle the arms of the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir, detoxify the age-old trees of harmful bacteria and decaying parts treated with special medicines to cover areas exposed to insect damage with special paste. The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the works that started at the end of the tram transportation, plans to finish these works at the end of October.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will also complete the restoration work of 50 plane tree in Bayındır, Foça, Bornova, Gaziemir, Karabağlar, Kemalpaşa, Konak, Menemen, Ödemiş, Seferihisar, Selçuk, Tire, Torbalı and Urla by the end of the year.

The main purpose of the maintenance and restoration work of the monumental trees of the nature of the monumental treatment of decayed or decayed parts of the said that the authorities of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Park Gardens Department, the danger of the parts of the tree with the aim of extending the life of the targets is aimed.

How are centuries-old trees protected?
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the excavation and ground stabilization works during the construction of the tram on Gazi Boulevard did not harm the roots of the plane trees and stated that the advancing age of the plane trees and different environmental factors had an effect on the plant health. Noting that the plane trees were attacked by insects found in cavities and wound mouths and became in need of care, the officials explained the care method they applied as follows:

“First, we clean the damage caused by insects and sterilize the tree with burgundy slurry medicine and preservative medicine. Later, we prune the dried branches of the tree and take care of it, and we meet the wishes of the tree with the fertilization process. In addition, we carry out fumigation to protect the tree from damages on the root part. The procedures we have done here can be thought of as the same dental filling. Our aim is to ensure the rejuvenation of the tree and to bequeath these natural values ​​to our children. In order not to renew the damage to the plane trees whose restoration has been completed, we also make fertilization in winter and lubrication in summer every year. We do not neglect their care. "

930 new tree on line
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which gives priority to the rail system in public transportation investments, made significant changes in the tram project in order not to damage the green texture of the city and the trees. The Metropolitan Municipality, which planted 930 new trees on the route instead of the trees and shrubs that have been replaced by necessity, changed the Konak Tram line project in order to protect the mulberry trees in Şair Eşref Boulevard. In Gazi Boulevard, all necessary precautions were taken to prevent the trees from being affected by the project, with special sensitivity.

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