There is absolutely no time for public transport in Trabzon

Trabzon Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, with his countrymen sohbetHe reiterated that they will not make any increase in drinking water fees and municipal public transportation in Trabzon.

15 July Martyrs and Liberty Square (Meydan Park) met with the citizens of customs Customs, informed about the work of the Trabzonites. In the unity and solidarity of the Turkish nation in the 16 years, not giving the opportunity to express the customs Customs, "We have launched a total struggle against the opportunists. As the Metropolitan Municipality of Trabzon, drinking water and municipality public transportation fees will definitely not raise, "he said.

2009 130 after the year of 172 new buses and they provided transportation to Trabzon 3 bus transport fleet expressing that Customs Customs, da Now we are going to offer our people to the environment by taking XNUMX units more environment-type buses. We will not raise transportation charges despite rising fuel prices and expenses. In addition to transportation fees, we will not raise our drinking water fees. We see that some municipalities in our country have reduced their drinking water costs. We see that the tariff fees of the municipalities that make discounts are higher than ours. In our opinion, they reduce the high drinking water prices. In addition, we continue to provide drinking water free to our families who are found to be in need by the relevant public institutions. This is an example to our entire country. We will continue to serve without increasing the water and transportation. Su



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