New Generation Engine to be Produced with Government Incentive

new generation engine with state incentive
new generation engine with state incentive

A start was made for the new generation hybrid engine to be produced with the government incentive in the automotive industry. The basis of Turkey's first high-pressure injection factory to produce aluminum engine block was thrown. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, who attended the ceremony, said the blocks will be used in new generation high-tech engines developed by Renault for hybrid vehicles. Making a request from Renault, Minister Varank said, “Hopefully, before 2020, they will release the hybrid vehicles of Renault from the production line and put them on the market. If we can achieve this, we will make a great contribution to our economy. I strongly believe that they will achieve this. ” said.


The fruits of the project-based incentive application, also referred to as the “super incentive” announced by President Tayyip Erdoğan on April 9, have begun to be taken. Oyak Renault Automobile Factories Inc. The main structure will be built in Turkey's first high-pressure die-cast aluminum factory today was laid in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone.


Minister Varank, who attended the ceremony, stated that a huge investment has been made in the automotive industry, which is the locomotive of the industry. “I hope that the High Pressure Aluminum Injection Factory, the foundations of which have been laid by Oyak Renault, will be beneficial to our country. This investment was made thanks to the project-based incentive system. With this facility, an aluminum engine block will be produced for the first time in our country. These blocks will be used in high-tech new generation engines developed by Renault for hybrid vehicles and most of the production will be exported. ” said.


Underlining that this investment is very valuable and important for three main reasons, Varank said: “This facility, which we first laid the foundations, directly serves our high added value production target. At the stage of production, high technology, which is only in a few places in the world, will be used. Serious contributions will be made to qualified employment and exports. I am talking about a production that can reduce the current account deficit by $ 2,3 billion annually. Our aim is to increase this and similar investments many times. ”


Varank emphasized the need for a structural transformation in production and said, “Turkish Industry has the power to realize this transformation. We, as the state, stand by entrepreneurs and industrialists with all our means. We have a very attractive incentive system. As the Ministry, we aim to attract high value-added investments to our country without considering domestic and foreign distinction. Bakanlık


Stating that the second important feature of this investment made by Oyak Renault is its support for the localization policy, Varank said, destek Many products to be used in production will be made here or will be supplied from our local suppliers. In this way, we will be able to benefit from our domestic resources as efficiently as possible. Thus, we will reduce the dependence on imports and reduce the current account deficit and reduce the need for outsourcing. The foundations of the economy will be further strengthened by this transformation in the real sector. We will rise to the rankings we deserve in the global economy with healthy growth and qualified employment küresel.


Varank, while the last feature that makes it valuable in terms of investment and noted that Turkey itself is a concrete indication of the confidence in the Turkish economy.


Emphasizing that the Turkish economy has maintained its resilience and continues to strengthen despite all the challenging tests faced, Varank said, “We have overcome the events that other countries cannot survive for years, thanks to our cooperation, determination, experience and love of the country. I hope the worst and hardest days have started to lag behind. We will continue to attract more long-term production investments to our country with our political stability, predictability and investor friendly policies. ” used expressions.


In his speech, Varank also made a request from Oyak Renault, which realized the investment. "Hopefully, they will take Renault's hybrid vehicles off the production line and put them on the market before 2020," said Varank. "If we can do this, we will make a great contribution to our economy. I strongly believe that they will achieve this. ” said.


Speaking at the ceremony Eurasia Region Renault Group Senior Vice President Nicolas Maura said as follows: Renault Group, this new factory has invested 100 million euros, with terrific support from the Republic of Turkey. Hybrid engines will do and will be a first in Turkey. More than 100 people will be offered jobs here. ”


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