Provincial Coordination Board Meeting in Muş

Year 2018 IV. Term Provincial Coordination Board Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Muş Governor Aziz Yıldırım.

Meeting held in the Governor's Meeting Room; Governor Aziz Yildirim, Deputy Governor Abdulkadir Okay, Regional Managers, District Municipal and Municipal Mayors and public institution managers attended. Before the meeting, who lost his life recently for the businessman of Malatya Malatya who was praying for the text.

Governor Aziz Yildirim, who made the opening speech of the meeting; IV Our City 2018 Year IV. Welcome to the Term Provincial Coordination Board meeting.

During the realization of public investments and services, coordination, cooperation and cooperation between public institutions and institutions, and more efficient, efficient and efficient use of resources, and coordination meetings for the faster realization of investments make great contributions.

The total cost of the projects included in the investment program of our province is 3 Billion 022 Million 937 Thousand 8 TL, the previous years expenditure of the projects are 794 Million 987 Thousand 862 TL, while 2018 Year Allowance of investment projects is 855 Million 527 Thousand 60 TL.

2018 Million 313 Thousand 735 TL expenditures have been made by 110 until October of October and our physical realization has been realized in% 37 and% 56.

The number of investment projects completed until October of 2018 is 247, the number of ongoing projects is 273, the number of projects in the tender phase is 24 and the number of projects that have not been started is 213.

Dear friends,

When the investments are evaluated on a sectoral basis in terms of 2018 allocation;

- LEARNING SECTOR 297 project and 309 Million 921 Thousand 509 TL first

  • OTHER PUBLIC SERVICES SECTOR is the second with the 98 project and the 236 Million 524 Bin 543 TL grant.
  • TRAINING SECTOR is the third place with 159 project and 132 Million 354 Bin 340 TL allowance.

When the investor organizations are evaluated on the basis of 2018 year allocation;

  • DSI 17. Regional Directorate is the first with 40 project and 949 Million 041 Bin 410 TL
  • Highways 11. Regional Directorate is the second with the 14 project and 432 Million 647 Thousand TRY
  • TCDD 5. Regional Directorate is ranked third with 18 project and 395 Million 616 Bin 560 TL allowance.

  • In terms of 2018 Year Expenditures;

    - General Secretariat of the Special Provincial Administration 106 Million 811 Thousand 201 first place with TL,

    • Iller Bank Inc. Regional Directorate 32 Million 253 Thousand 915 TL in second place,

    -TCDD 5. Regional Directorate is ranked third with 26 Million 078 Bin 460 TL.

    By calculating the early future of winter this year, we should accelerate our construction works and reach our target. Let's follow our investments a little faster to reach the goal. In the Coordination Board Meeting, it is necessary to carry out the necessary work and transactions on time and to inform the governor's office by the relevant public institutions and organizations and the issues that require coordination and cooperation, which are voiced by the civil and local administrators.

    After the presentation of the investments, the mayors and the representatives of the public institutions and organizations and the professional organizations may request the right to speak about the activities of the institution. I wish the meeting, our province, our region and our country with the wish of good wishes, thanks to those who contributed, I wish success in their work.

    After the briefings of the institutions, the meeting ended with the opinions and suggestions of the participants.

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