Applied Traffic Training Course

Traffic Training Application Park was organized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to Gölcük Şirinköy Kindergarten. The Traffic Training Department of the Department of Transportation established a traffic training course in accordance with relevant regulations and standards within the scope of traffic training and awareness raising activities. Within the scope of awareness raising activities at an early age, the training course requested by the kindergarten teachers was projected by the Metropolitan Municipality teams to the school yard. The course was made available to children with an opening.

In order to support the education provided at schools in order to instill the traffic education at an early age, Gölcük Governor Mustafa Altıntaş, Gölcük Mayor Mehmet Ellibeş, District Education Director Ercan Gülsuyu, Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Services Branch Manager Güneş Mutman, kindergarten teachers, students and parents attended. In his speech at the inauguration, the governor Mustafa Altıntaş mentioned the importance of traffic education. Acak Traffic training at an early age and demonstrating it practically will be very useful for students. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for this kind of practical training.

In Traffic Implementation Course of Gölcük Şirinköy Kindergarten, traffic education is provided to train new generations who are sensitive to traffic rules and to be conscious of the implementation of these rules. It is aimed to get maximum efficiency in kindergarten with training in the application park. On the track, there are horizontal / vertical traffic signs, signalized junction, pedestrian crossings.


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