Metros, Metrobuses Like Wagons to Labor Camps

“Istanbul is not particularly safe for women; whenever you send your spouse, your daughter somewhere alone, you become anxious ”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality deputy candidate Gursel Tekin CHP, the name of the mega-metropolitan in the case of the head of the mega-metropolises to find the solution of the problem of public transport said urgently.

Tekin said that the citizens of the municipality had to ensure that they would go to work with the, comfortable Tek public transportation means, Metros, metrobuses like wagons to labor camps. This is not a fate, it is a matter of preference. This will not be the case in Istanbul. Benim
”When you send your partner, your daughter, somewhere alone, you become uneasy“

Tekin said that Istanbul was not particularly safe for women in particular and said, gön When you send your wife, daughter, loved ones to a place alone, you are uneasy. İstanbul
“Our target is to be one of the 10 most livable cities in the world”

Tekin, speaking to Yurt Newspaper Özgür Tuğrul, gave the following answer to the question:

N After we get rid of the concrete lobby, we will come to the 5 year for ourselves. Our goal is to become one of the world's most livable 10 cities. Competitors are strong. They put stones on the stone every day. The difference is opening every second. Very fast run, others have to do 1 per month in his works 1 years. Our way is long. But we will. I repeat. We will succeed. We have to feel, share, enlarge this belief. Bu

* The whole of the interview published today in Yurt newspaper here You can read.

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