The Meeting Table of Corum Common denominator under the leadership of Governor Kılıç

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The industrialization efforts based on the fact that Çorumlu created an ileş industrial oasis ler in the steppes of the Central Anatolia with its tooth-nails and the name of the ın Anatolian Tigers ”, and that a few tradesmen came together and set up a factory. Again, for Çorum, the definition of, SME Capital ığ is used, I often write.

One of the points I try not to forget is the fact that the late Turgut Özal was designed as the exit point of Çorum's industrial production base and Samsun Port within the framework of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation project during the period of Prime Ministry ur. , a railway line that will carry cargo taşıma

Two of the three important projects related to Çorum's transportation infrastructure are on the way. It is envisaged that the High Speed ​​Train Project, which covers freight transport between Ankara and Çorum-Samsun, will be raised to 2023 if it is not easy to complete the planned time due to the current economic contraction. Ankara-Çorum-Samsun Motorway was announced by Governor Necmeddin Kılıç. We'il open a separate paragraph on the airport.

The horizon tour of Governor Kılıç revealed at a meeting with industrialists and businessmen at the Ahlatcı Gold Refinery on Friday, as in the period of Özal, proves that Çorum's industrial production center will take its place in future projections as the exit port of Samsun Port. This is the opportunity for Çorum to me complete the industrialization move İşte. Ir Industrial city Çorum eh is the development that will open the way to its target.

We emphasize that Çorum should determine its toplantı growth strategy uz, move towards the ğ big city kazan target by taking qualified immigration, and gain the position of the region as the center of industry, trade, education, health, culture, art and tourism. it seemed to me a step. It is always an important step of meeting at the common denominator of Çorum Hep

Because, we have observed with satisfaction that a number of psychological fault fractures that exist in the business world are disappearing in the catalyzing of Governor Kılıç. The first condition for the businessmen of Çorum and the outside entrepreneurs to think about the investment in Çorum is to provide the appropriate investment environment and the possible facilities.
If Corum is preferred for investment, a number of pros should have advantages. One of them is free land allocation in OIZ. As we always say, there is an entrepreneurial spirit in Çorum, there is an investment climate. Industrial infrastructure. Gibi Qualified staff yaklaşım gör This seems to be solved with an original model by the project of Ahlatcı Holding Chairman Ahmet Ahlatcı and Governor Necmeddin Kılıç.

In the Industrial Vocational High School in OSB, two classes related to gold processing and jewelry design will be opened. The students of these classes will study in the prefabricated classrooms at the Gold Refinery site and will also provide workshop practice there. Students who will graduate with a gold bracelet on their wrists will not have to bother to seek a job. This model can also be applied in other sectors, eg in the machinery manufacturing sector.

As for Çorum's problems regarding transportation infrastructure ıs As for the railroad which is the centenary aspiration of the Çorum people, the developments continue even though it is a bit slow. We are in the preparation phase of the Ankara-Çorum-Samsun railway line, which is designed for both cargo transportation and fast passenger transportation. The end of 2023 is aimed for the end, but it is possible to start construction in today's economic conditions for a few years, and 2023 is a very optimistic date. We wait a hundred years, wait another three to five years.

The planning works of the Ankara-Çorum-Samsun Motorway were completed, and even the tender was announced. As for the airport, we will continue to advocate that Çorum should have its own airport to maintain its industrialization. In particular, the international airport Yozgat, Tokat'a 2. airport, Gumushane-Bayburt, Rize airport in the middle of the sea is being done, Çorum to tell the airport unnecessary, no one can tell us.

Of course, due to the economic contraction, we expect the Çorum Airport to be on the agenda nowadays. We can use the phrase am we have buried our ax in this fight for now uz. But we'il never give up. Because we're right. And this is the ”right“ struggle of Çorum. Returning from the struggle for rights is ise zillet Hak.

On the other hand, as Governor Necmeddin Kılıç briefly stated, after continuing the construction of the existing airport, where the stol type airport is located, it is possible to start aviation training in Çorum in cooperation with Hitit University. The pilot school and the small type of airplanes can be launched at the end of the pilot-school and small-type airplanes.

To summarize; I consider and appreciate the effort made by the Governor Necmeddin Kılıç to derece protect the existence of the Çorum industry and the withdrawal of new industrial investments in Çorum Val. I would like to thank to Mr. Valimize and to the managers of the public and professional organizations, industrialists and businessmen who have taken their places in this effort on behalf of Çorum. You may find me overly optimistic - I already have a structure that tries to see the full side of the glass - but I can happily say that I'm looking forward to the future of Çorum with more hope.

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