Train in Manisa

In Manisa, Hatice Cakmak died under a train at a level crossing. Alak, who couldn't keep his tears, appealed to President Erdoğan by saying dışına The train should be moved out of the city şehr.

The woman named Hatice Çakmak, who was 40 years old in the accident in Barbaros District in Yunusemre District of Manisa, was under the train, noticing the Aegean Express passenger train that made the İzmir-Balıkesir expedition under the direction of Machinists OK and EU. . The unfortunate woman, who was dragged about 30 meters at the level crossing as a result of the collision of the train, died at the scene. After the accident, residents of Barbaros Mahallesi and Yeni Mahalle came together under the leadership of muhtars and made a statement. While the citizens reacted to the accident, they called on the authorities to shift the railway between the neighborhood to the ring road.

Description can not be dominated their while tears Barbaros district Headman Siyami Relevance, despite the many petitions before the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Regional Office by suggested not allowed to make level crossings with overpasses. "I am calling out to our President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan," said Âlak. The soul of the citizen is not so cheap. I keep myself difficult. My psychology is broken. I want everything to be done to these train tracks in Barbaros Neighborhood. I don't want it to be closed. There are 4 passes in the neighborhood. One side of the quarter closed the irrigation channel of the State Hydraulic Works (DSI). The other side was covered by the State Railways. Inside the neighborhood is like a prison. A bleeding wound for years. This wound must be fixed as soon as possible. ” New Neighborhood Headman Hüseyin Özdemir said, “There was a very sad event here. This is the common point between Barbaros Mahallesi and Yeni Mahalle. We have written several times in necessary places with our headman of Barbaros Mahallesi. We brought our mayors and deputies here. We could not find a solution. We do not want the authorities to resolve this place as soon as possible and to hurt other people. " The residents of the neighborhood, who expressed their reactions, then left the area where the accident happened without incident.

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