Loyalty to Türkeş, Ecevit and Demirel from Manisa Metropolitan

The names of former President Süleyman Demirel, former Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit, and the late Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party Alparslan Türkeş, who gave important services to the Republic of Turkey and left their mark on Turkish political history, were announced by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality at the October Ordinary Meeting of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Council. to Manisa kazanIt was unanimously accepted that it should be given to the Turgutlu, Salihli and Alaşehir intersections.

Metropolitan Municipality October Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Ergün, who commemorated our martyrs with mercy before passing on the agenda items, said: d Last week we received news from the town of Gercüş, Batman, that burned the hearts of all of us. As a result of the explosion of a hand-made explosive device that the separatist traitors trapped on the road, the 8 son was martyred. As a result of the guided missile attack on the Guvenca district of Mount Guvenca in Hakkari, our 1 son reached a more accurate battle. I condemn these vicious attacks with hate. I wish God's mercy on our children who lost their lives in the treacherous attack, I wish my condolences and patience to our grieving families, our Turkish Armed Forces and our nation. We are shouting once again that we will not give the opportunity to those who have treacherous plans, such as to divide the country. Once again we are all right, "he said.

Celebrated Republic Day
Mayor Ergun celebrating the Republic Day of all the members of parliament and Manisas. we will celebrate with excitement. While celebrating this meaningful and big day, I think we need to realize the importance of republic and national will in the best way. We celebrate our Republic Day with these emotions, I would like to thank our Commander-in-Chief Mustafa Kemal, his heroic comrades and our saint ancestors, who have entrusted the lands of this sacred homeland with respect, mercy and gratitude. May the spirits be a shady. Ruh

Names of the Presidents
After the vote on the agenda of the Assembly, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Cengiz Ergün, MHP Group Deputy Chairman Mehmet Güzgülü, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman and Gölmarmara Mayor Kamil Öz, CHP Group Deputy Chairman Zeki Bilgin, Kula Mayor Hüseyin Tosun, Mayor of Turgutlu Turgay Şirin, Sarıgöl Mayor Necati Selcuk, Alaşehir Mayor Ali Uçak, Selendi Mayor Yasin Dumlupınar and the signatures of Alparslan Türkeş, Bülent Ecevit and Süleyman Demirel at the intersections that have been commenced by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in Turgutlu, Salihli and Alaşehir districts with the signatures of Zeki Kayda. proposal to be given.

Faith With Commits
While the resolution was unanimously accepted, the CHP group vice president Zeki Bilgin said, “We commemorate our esteemed prime ministers who have signed in a period. I would like to thank you and all our council members. Destek AK Party Group Deputy Chairman and Gölmarmara Mayor Kamil Öz also drew attention to the importance of the decision taken, Türkeş, Ecevit and Demirel'ı commemorated with mercy. Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergün said, "this valuable 3 name of the Republic of Turkey in the past has given labor, God rest the soul of 3 prime minister. They all have a seal at the service point during their time. Both the AK Party, the Republican People's Party, as well as the Nationalist Movement Party, came to the agenda with the common recommendations. Let the spirits be a poet. Ruh On the other hand, the Köprübaşı Square, which was completed by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in the Köprübaşı district, was also named Gazi Atatürk. Following the voting of all articles, the November parliamentary meeting was decided to be held on 13 November Tuesday at 18.00 and the merger was terminated.

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