Gebze-Darica Metro was Introduced for the Largest Project in Kocaeli History

The largest project in the history of Kocaeli Gebze Darica Metro was introduced
The largest project in the history of Kocaeli Gebze Darica Metro was introduced

📩 08/11/2018 18:30

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is the biggest investment in its history. With this investment to be made on the forehead, Kocaeli will meet with the metro for the first time. Metropolitan Municipality, organized a ceremony in Antakya to promote the project. President Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu made a presentation about the route where the subway will be working at the ceremony and the car parks and working systems to be constructed within the scope of the project. The project to be implemented in Gebze OSB -Darıca Coast Line will be the biggest project in the history of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The groundbreaking ceremony will be held at 20 October 2014 in Gebze City Square. The ceremony was President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Binali Yildirim and Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan also attend.

Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Kocaeli Governor Hüseyin Aksoy, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General İlhan Bayram, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Chairman Zekeriya Özak, AK Party Provincial Chairman Abdullah Eryarsoy, District Mayors, MHP Provincial Chairman Aydın Ünlü, DSP Province President Halim Dedeoğlu, Kocaeli Kadir Durmuş, the chairman of the Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, former Minister of Health Kazım Dinç, former CHP Mayor Erol Köse and representatives of NGOs, province and district protocol participated. The Governor of Kocaeli Hüseyin Aksoy said in his speech that; I wish our province, our region, our country to be good. The subway will provide an important step in the solution of transportation problems. In the metro which will be built by the Metropolitan Municipality, citizens will go to their jobs with modern transportation vehicles. This project is also aimed at preventing traffic accidents. Trafik

Speaking before the presentation in the presentation program President em Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, said: konuşan There is an economic attack on our country. The fluctuation in financial markets is reflected in the lives of all of us. Our government took urgent measures. Markets are starting to fade. Permanent measures are also being implemented with determination. The campaign against inflation is part of it. Savings measures in the public are part of this. I hope we will come out of this attack with the hand and shoulder to shoulder. We promised the metro investment in 2014. The actual start of the investment coincided with such a period. I particularly care about starting this period. For; In addition to the benefits I will tell you in a moment, I think that the subway will contribute to economic development nationwide. This investment will also be the water of dozens of enterprises, dozens of enterprises. There will be jobs, jobs and employment for thousands of citizens. Bin

Expressing that the Kocaeli Rail Systems, Kocaeli Metro, Gebze OSB - Darıca Sahil Metro line is one of these, Mayor Karaosmanoğlu said, “There is a methun king in Gebze. Hanibal of Carthage. The great commander who brought Rome to his knees. From the steep slopes of the Alps to Rome, he was constantly facing obstacles. Every time he faced an obstacle, he had one sentence: “Either we will find a new way. Either we will open a new path. ” This promise, this determination reflects our services. The population of our city today is about two million. According to the calculations of 2023, the number of daily trips in Kocaeli will be over 8 million. The settled population of Gebze, Darıca, Çayırova, Dilovası is approximately 800 thousand. The daily population of this region is 2 million. 1 million 200 thousand people enter these regions in the morning and go out in the evening. ” He spoke in the form.

President Karaosmanoğlu continued, “There is such a heavy traffic obstacle in front of the development of our city. We build roads, intersections, tunnels. After a while these become insufficient. It is not possible to meet this need with public transport vehicles with wheels, buses, minibuses and service vehicles. The only solution is to take the backbone of public transport underground. This is only possible by metro. On the other hand, we are almost united with Istanbul. Even those who do not know cannot separate the borders. Sabiha Gökçen Airport is like the airport of our city… Marmaray is also our metro. Except for those who come to work every day, Istanbul flows into Kocaeli, especially on weekends. We aim to combine Kocaeli and Istanbul underground with our metro line. We are collaborating with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for this purpose. Our metro line will also be integrated into the Istanbul Metro. We started to open a new way underground to invest in the future of Kocaeli. ”

In his presentation, President Karaosmanoğlu said: “We set out to weave iron networks under the ground to remove the obstacles in front of our nation. We are taking the first step of Kocaeli Metro in Gebze region with Gebze OSB - Darıca Beach Metro. Hopefully, our second step will be the Körfez - Derince - Izmit - Kartepe Metro Line. ”

Gebze OSB which is designed as high technology, without driver, economical, safe, flexible, developable - Darica Coast Line will be composed of two tunnels with 15.6 km length and 6,5 meter diameter. The entire line of the 12 station is under the ground. The line will be launched at 2022. Gebze OSB - Darica Beach will be reduced to 19 minutes. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with metro line; To reduce traffic density in Gebze OSB region, to minimize urban traffic load, to provide fast access to urban centers and industrial zones, to facilitate access to Darıca Coast, to integrate Kocaeli into national and international land, air and rail systems, 2 metropolitan city aiming to merge. Metro line will grow with new investments.

A metro line capable of carrying 64 thousand passengers per hour; It will be integrated with Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Marmaray, TCDD High Speed ​​Train Station, national and international public transport networks and urban centers. Two metropolises will be united underneath. 90 will be scheduled in seconds. 936 parking garage, car park on the ground, including bus platforms will continue to be built. Environmental energy will be used in the Warehouse Center with the capacity of the 144 metro. Warehouse and Control Center, where light and heavy maintenance will be done, will also serve other planned routes. The biggest investment in the history of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Kocaeli Metro, 1. The stage will cost 5 billion liras. The investment will be completed with the resources of Kocaeli Metropolitan. Yatırım


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