Kayseri Metropolitan Shortens the Distances

kayseri shortens big distances
kayseri shortens big distances

📩 06/11/2018 19:34

Uninterrupted traffic through the intersections at Kocasinan Boulevard has reduced the Dsi Junction and Argıncık Lights to 7,5 minutes.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Kocasinan Bulvarı'nda quiet even in the quiet hours of traffic at the XIII Interchange between the Junction and DSI Junction between the 20 kilometer road 8,3 minutes reduced. Every day this way once a day 7,5 minutes of users, about 12,5 hours per month 6 minutes themselves remained.

Metropolitan Municipality, the people of the time spent in traffic with the investment they have provided for them. 4 has made the 135 crossroads at 7 intersection in the year. Roads with Highways, Hospital and Station Street Interchange, Industry Room Yonca Yaprakli Interchange, Fuzuli Interchange Junction, Danube Interchange Junction and 8,3 August Interchange Junction and DSI Junction and Argincik Lights between the traffic on the 30 kilometer road began to flow continuously.

With the continuous flow of traffic, the 70 vehicle traveling at an average speed of 8,3 per kilometer is using 7,5 miles per minute. A vehicle that stops at the lights of the route by using side roads without using multiplex intersections reaches Argıncık Lights at approximately 20 minutes even when the traffic is calm.

Uninterrupted traffic between DSİ Junction and Argıncık Lights makes it possible for those who use this road only once every day to allocate an average of 12,5 minutes. This time corresponds to the 6 hours per month for the 15 hour, and for the 75 hours per year, ie for the 3 day. Therefore, thanks to the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality on the Kocasinan Boulevard, those who use this route are relieved to spend three days a year in traffic and allow them to live their lives with different activities.

Metropolitan Municipality, not only with the investments in Kocasinan Boulevard, but also with the interiors at Mustafa Kemal Pasa Boulevard, Bekir Yildiz Boulevard, through the General Hulusi Akar Boulevard, the Mimarsinan-TOKI, the expanded sections of the Sivas Boulevard, the intersection arrangements and many more investments. reducing life time adds life to life.


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