ILS System Launched at Kastamonu Airport

ils system was activated at the airport
ils system was activated at the airport

📩 08/11/2018 18:18

Funda Ocak, General Manager and Chairman of the State Airports Authority, announced that the ILS system was commissioned in Kastamonu in an announcement from its official twitter account.

Here are the shares of General Manager Ocak:

It attaches great importance to the modernization of aviation electronics to ensure continuous and safe management of air traffic; We strive to equip all of our airports with the most advanced navigation aids and systems.

The works started within the program at our Kastamonu Airport, where the ILS system is needed due to the weather conditions, has been completed.

In addition to the localizer, which has been completed before the installation of ILS (Localizer and GP) station, GP device, Flight Control Tests were completed and put into service.

ILS system, which is defined as Instrument Landing System, is especially safe in misty, rainy and snowy weather where cloud roof is low and vision is limited; In case of high visibility distance, it provides a comfortable approach and landing in addition to safety.

I wish the system, which will minimize the possible cancellations due to bad weather conditions, will be auspicious and beneficial to the people of Kastamonu, who deserve the best of all kinds of services.


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