What is Izmirim Card, How to Buy, Loading and Querying How?

izmirim kart
izmirim kart

The answers to all your questions about İzmirim Card are at Ege Haber! How to get Izmirim Card, which collects many services of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, especially community transportation, and how to load and query Izmirim Card? All details about how Izmirim Card balance loading, application and query procedures are performed are in this news. If you are one of the thousands of people who use İzmirim Card, we give the answers of the questions you wonder in this news as Ege News. What is İzmirim Card, where and how to buy it? If you are wondering how to install Izmirim Card and check balance, this news is for you. Here are the answers to all your questions about İzmirim Card.


İzmirim Kart is a payment card which collects many services of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, especially public transportation. Izmirim Kart and subway and suburban stations, ferry wharf turnovers and all buses to be valid for boarding; following the first ride 90 min. The second and next boarding passes to the subway, ferry, suburban or bus services are included in the boarding price. One important point to know about İzmirim Kart is that it does not have the right to transfer on the BDFG tariffs.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is operated by the City Parks, Bisim, Teleferik, Izmir Wildlife Park, Asik Veysel Recreation Area Ice Rink, Smart Toilets, such as 01 September 2016 date, a city card with Izmirim Card can be paid.

İzmirim Karta online credit card or credit card-enabled debit card can be installed online.



İzmirim Card, all municipal buses, all your boarding passes, all your boarding passes, all your boarding passes, cable car cabins, Sasalı Wildlife Park entrance payments, all smart toilet payments, ice rink access payments, bicycle rental payments and by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality can be used in all car parks.


İzmirim Kart is available from all sales points and filling stations in Izmir. At this point, attention should be paid to: 'Official Izmirim Card dealers are sold outside the internet, if detected, is closed to use.'


Loading to İzmirim Kart can be done at the relevant points and via the internet. Thanks to the internet loading service to İzmirim Kart, there is no need to search Izmirim Card dealers and to waste time. It is possible to upload to İzmirim Kart from every place where internet is available. So how do I upload TL to Izmirim Card from the internet? Here is the answer to the question of interest, when the successful loading of the TL via izmirimkart.com.tr, the registration of the card is sent to the validators in the field. All of the devices in the field can receive 1 hours according to GSM connection status. When the board is displayed to the validator during the boarding, the initial installation is performed. The normal boarding fee for the service used after the installation process is collected from the card.

At least one 1 TL and 100 TL uploads can be made to İzmirim Kart from internet via izmirimkart.com.tr address. All bank cards, credit cards and virtual cards that support 2D Secure can be used to upload via the Internet. Well, if you are loading the Izmirim Card on the internet and you are wondering how to cancel the download if the amount is not loaded on the card, here is the answer ğ If the relevant amount is not loaded on the card after the internet has been uploaded, 3 can be canceled within the day. The phone number specified for cancellation (14 0 850 277 66) and www.izmirimkart.com.t is The cancellation record is taken from the gün Payment Problem Notification Form landırıl on the web site and is finalized within 1 business day. The credit / debit card of the relevant amount will be refunded on 1-10 working day depending on the bank to which the card belongs.


Izmirim Kart offers online loading and balance information services on the internet. So how is Izmirim Card inquiry done? You must go to online.eshot.gov.tr ​​and choose one of the 'İzmirim Card-TL loading' or 'İzmirim Card Balance Query' tabs under Online Transactions. Then you can enter the 11 digit card number and security code on the back of your Izmirim Card, and you can query the balance of your card.

ESHOT Balance Inquiry and TL Loading

Inquiries for both old Kentkart and new Izmirim cards can be made from the center, namely from the Eshot website, as well as the official mobile application of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Filling and instructed filling services will continue to work faster and smoother.

ESHOT Balance Inquiry and TL Upload from the Website

He goes to the page below to make the inquiry and TL loading from ESHOT website;



Eshot balance inquiry

As a member, you can define your cards, we enter the special card number on ESHOT Kentkart or İzmirim Card in the inquiry box without spaces. Then we enter the letters of security and start the query. Or, we enter our card information on the loading page and continue with the next loading steps.

ESHOT Balance Inquiry and TL Loading from Mobile Application

In order to perform the inquiry and TL loading from the official mobile application of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, you download and install the version that fits your smartphone or tablet from the links below, and in the application, you go to İzmirim Card Balance Inquiry section under the Transportation title. (Of course, you write the card number without any spaces and use an active internet connection for inquiries.)

Click for Google Play Android Application
Click for Apple OIS Application
Click for Windows Phone Application


He goes to the page below to make the inquiry and TL loading from ESHOT website;

Eshot balance inquiry: KENTKART BALANCE INQUIRY


To see how it's done Click here...

He goes to the page below to make the inquiry and TL loading from ESHOT website;

Eshot balance inquiry: KENTKART BALANCE INQUIRY


To see how it's done Click here...

ESHOT garages are:

  • Gediz Workshop and Heavy Maintenance Facilities
  • Karşıyaka
  • Mersinli
  • İnciraltı
  • Adatepe
  • Çiğli
  • Small Cig
  • Torbalı
  • Menderes
  • Urla
  • Sarnıç

For details Click here...

ESHOT operates in the address of İnönü Mahallesi, Journalist Author İsmail Sivri Bulvarı No: 500, 35380 Buca / İzmir. For details Click here...

ESHOT General Directorate or ESHOT for short is the name of the bus company of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. It was established on July 27, 1943 as a business affiliated to Izmir Municipality. It stands for Electric Water Gas Bus and Trolleybus. For details Click here...

It is a mobile phone application offered free of charge by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. With the “Search” screen in the application, you can access the bus lines and stops, you can see the stops of the bus line you have chosen and which stop the buses are on. When you select the stop, you can list the buses approaching the stop instantly and the lines passing through the stop.

In the official mobile application of ESHOT General Directorate, which you can fully customize, you can add your selected lines and stops to your favorites list and quickly reach your favorites.

With our application, which also allows you to set alarms on the desired bus lines, you can set the desired stop of the line you choose, how many minutes before the bus arrives, you want to be notified between the hours you set.

With the “İzmirim Card” menu, you can load –TL on your İzmirim Card, inquire its balance, and see the expiration and expiry information. You can register your İzmirim Card to the system as much as you wish, and set an alarm for these cards and receive notification when your balance falls below the limit you set.

You can see the stops and smart card dealers around your location with the "Near me" menu in the application, on the map and in a list. You can get directions and stop information to the point you choose. Apart from your location, you can also see points around any point you choose on the map.

In the “stops near the address” menu; You can access the stops around the address where you entered the district, neighborhood, street number and door number, and you can access many points in the categories such as education, accommodation and health in Izmir in the "Access to Important Points" menu.

You can list our lines with Metro, İZBAN and Ferry connections on station and pier basis and easily access line information. In addition, you can see the announcements belonging to the Authority and you can easily reach us from the requests, suggestions, complaints menu. For details Click here...

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