HAVAIST Vehicles Introduced to Carry Passengers to Istanbul New Airport

Istanbul introduces air transportation vehicles to new airport
Istanbul introduces air transportation vehicles to new airport

Speaking at the promotional program of HAVAIST vehicles that will provide passenger transportation services to Istanbul New Airport, İBB President Mevlüt Uysal said, “We have planned everything for comfortable and comfortable transportation to the new airport. We will provide the best and most luxurious transportation service to our passengers at the largest and best airport in the world. Public transportation to the New Airport will be reduced by 50 percent until the new year. ”

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal, 29 Introduced the U HAVAİST Mev vehicles of the Bus AŞ, which will provide public transportation service to Istanbul New Airport to be opened in October. Speaking at the promotion program held in Sütlüce, Uysal said that everything was planned for comfortable and comfortable transportation of passengers and that transportation by 50 would be discounted by the New Year's Eve.

Uysal said that they will provide good transportation service to Istanbul New Airport. Iş We interviewed the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, IGA and THY for the comfortable and comfortable transportation of the passengers who want to reach Istanbul New Airport and who want to go to the city from the airport. We will serve 18 bus from 150 to 06. These points were calculated by taking into consideration the transfer centers such as rail systems, metrobus, minibus and sea transportation. We want to provide the best quality luxury transportation services to our passengers at the best and largest airport in the world. Euro XNUMX model zero luxury buses in this regard we preferred. Construction of Metro lines continues. However, even after we start working in subways, we will provide bus transportation services of high quality which will be the priority preference of passengers Ancak.

Uysal stated that everything is ready for the fast and comfortable transportation of the passengers. They shouldn't be in a hurry. We planned the transportation in the best way. 31 is the 5 separate point flight line until December from New Airport. We'll also serve 5 bus to 20 spot. We will increase the number of service points, flights and buses if all flights are made from New Airport by the beginning of the year. Our everything is ready. If the new airport starts to serve at full capacity even before the planned date, we are able to provide full capacity bus transportation services. We have completed our preparations from the tools to the staff Araç.

Uysal stated that transportation costs vary according to distance. N 12 TL is the shortest distance and 30 TL is the longest distance. Payments will be made with İstanbulkart. He asked if he wanted to overpaid. In addition, the public transport to the new airport will be discounted by 50 until Christmas yıl.

Uysal said that free internet service will be provided for the comfort of the passengers. Ücret We are setting up a system where our passengers can access the information such as where to get the bus, what time it will take, the nearest bus stop, and the fare schedule. The system is scheduled for completion this November. Free download from Google Play and App Store. This will not even use 5 over-vehicle. Buses will be large enough for passengers to carry their luggage. 'IbbWiFi' will provide free internet service on all our buses, 'he said.

Following the promotion program, the opening ribbon was cut with the participation of İBB President Uysal, İBB Deputy Secretary General Adil Karaismailoğlu and Muzaffer Hacımustafaoğlu, İETT General Manager Ahmet Bağış, General Director of the Bus Company Abdullah Yasir Şahin and IGA representative. Then, President Uysal took the ına HAVAIST bin vehicle and gave information to the press about its characteristics.






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