President Tuna Announces New Ulus Square Study

he writes about the new nation-square study
he writes about the new nation-square study

📩 08/11/2018 17:14

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna stated that the drilling works in Yeni Ulus Square construction works are about to be completed.

Answering the questions of journalists about the construction of Yeni Ulus Meydanı, Tuna said that the drilling works continued at full speed.


Chairman Tuna stated that they will proceed gradually after the completion of the drilling works in Ulus Square Project, and said çalış The projects were prepared. Drilling work will be started after the drilling work, Son he said.

Tuna, who announced that construction of the new Ulus Square Project will start within a few months after the tender phase, gave the following information:

Ina If the weather conditions are suitable in the winter, the construction of the project can be started in advance. There are no problems in the project. The work continues rapidly. For the project, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will fulfill the duty of General Directorate of Highways and Metropolitan Municipality. Proje


After the completion of the project, emphasizing the fact that Ankara will have two beautiful squares, Tuna said, Ankara We will have won a new challenge with the areas in front of Ulus and Melike Hatun Mosque. I hope this project will make a significant contribution to Ankara's tourism and commercial life with these two squares. İn

Drawing attention to the meticulous work carried out in order to complete the Ulus Project within the given period, President Tuna reminded that the works in this area will be carried out underground:

Ac We do not know what will come out of underground lines such as electricity, water, natural gas, telephone and canal. Without a distressing situation, it is completed in the given time. Sık


In response to questions about possible problems in traffic in the construction works of the project, President Tuna stated that he was working in coordination with Ankara Police Traffic Branch in order to minimize the traffic. La It would not be right to say that there will be no problem in an operation. We do this surgery in many areas from trade to tourism to be useful to Ankara. We will try to minimize the distress here, Biz he said.


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