In front of the President asked the Bursa High Speed ​​Line and the Mountain Road from the Podium

There was a session of questions and answers on the last day of the traditional Kizilcahamam Camp, which the AK Party held for evaluation with lawmakers.
At the meeting…
Three lawmakers from Bursa took the floor and conveyed their problems and determinations.
In this context Bu
In her speech, Müfit Aydın shared his observations with East and Southeast impressions and touched on social issues.
Refik Özen expressed his expectations with the problems of tradesmen and the world of commerce.
Dr. Mustafa Esgin, on the other hand, expressed the important problems and expectations of Bursa one by one in his speech that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan listened carefully.
For example…
“While we were laying the foundation of the high-speed train in 2012 with great excitement, we said it would end in 2016. Then we revised this date as trial runs will start in 2019. How is the project now? ”
Question ...
Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan replied:
“Bursa High Speed ​​Train project continues. There were some problems caused by the conditions. We also tendered the Osmaneli-Yenişehir section. The project continues, and we do not have any allowance. ”
I made a minor overhaul:
"Maybe we can't raise it for 2019, but our goal for 2020."
Second, the mountain region brought the path:
"How is the mountain region road that we have been waiting for 40 years and tendered?"
Minister Turhan replied:
“The project continues. There is no money problem, even though it is a hitch. There are some technical problems, we are overcoming them. ”

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