Light Rail System Description

Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu made a statement about the light rail system.

Gümrükçüoğlu, who said that the light rail project project has been completed, said that he was included in the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments program and started. Gümrükçüoğlu said, “The light rail system got off from Akyazı. He passed through Değirmendere and reached the airport. The elapsed time is 30-40 minutes. You can go in the same time as a van. But the convenience of this is another, the city culture is different. This is the most ideal for Trabzon. This is a culture. It is the encouragement of the elderly officer, the student who goes to school, to public transport. The light rail system is very important in modern cities. most of the citizens will not use private vehicles. It will be a little waste of time, but he will still prefer it. ”He said.

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Rail Industry Show 2020


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