Gebze-Darica Metro Will Reach Kocaeli Center!

gebze darica metro will reach the center of kocaelimismismismis
gebze darica metro will reach the center of kocaelimismismismis

AKP Kocaeli Deputy İlyas Şeker said that the metro, which will be built between Gebze and Darıca, will provide quick access to the city center. Kocaeli's city center of Izmit was unable to give any meaning to these words.

Justice and Development Party (AKP) Kocaeli Deputy İlyas Şeker, after years, made a speech about the parliament in the parliament. Speaking at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Elijah Sugar, he talked about the Municipality's metro project. The city center will provide quick access to the metropolis of the words of those who hear Sugar, Kocaeli is the city center of Izmit, reminded that the subway will be built between Gebze and Darica.

In his speech, AKP's proxy Sugar gave the following statements;

“We laid the foundation of the metro line from Gebze OIZs to Darıca coast with the equities of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality on Saturday with the participation of our President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Mr. Binali Yıldırım. The metro line, which is equipped with high technology, driverless, safe and can be developed, consists of two tubes with a length of 15,6 kilometers in one direction and a total length of 31,2 kilometers and has 12 stations, is completely underground and its cost is 5 billion TL. The metro, which will be put into service in 2022, will provide fast access to the city center and industrial zones, and the load of urban traffic will be minimized. The metro line with a capacity of 64 thousand passengers will be integrated into Kocaeli national and international land and air rail systems and Istanbul. We bring such an important project to our city in terms of transportation. kazanI would like to thank our mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality and his team for his efforts.” – Kocaeli Barış Newspaper

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