Interconnected Interconnection Interconnected by 5 Neighborhood in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Simsek Bridge Interchange, the region has relieved traffic. Güneş, Geylani, Akkent, Bülbülzade and Ertuğrul Gazi bridges that connect the neighborhoods, provided fluidity in traffic.

The Metropolitan Municipality opened new doors in social and cultural municipalism and created awareness with its management style that places people in the center. Road, water, bridges, such as the routine municipal work disrupt the metropolitan, work in this field came to the eye. 4 years ago, sitting in the seat of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Sahin, when it came to office urgently began to work towards relieving the city traffic. In this direction, the transportation master plan was prepared by the experts of the subject and the decisions taken with great determination were implemented. Taking measures to relieve the flow of traffic metropolitan, hand in hand with the problem of urban traffic, first detected the areas where the intensity, then hit the scalpel areas blocked.

The traffic managed to touch the clogged areas of the Metropolitan, 12 bridge junction with the 1 viaduct won the city. Approximately 18 million pounds, Mehmet Simsek Bridge Junction, provided traffic fluidity in the region, gave a deep breath to the people of Gaziantep.

The two-storey bridge intersection connecting the 5 neighborhood consists of 532 bored piles. At the intersection, 27 beam lengths of 195 meters were used. 800 meters long bridge 200 meters of the cross section of vehicles that will pass, sunk output from the lower floor will pass through the transit, the top will turn from the hub.


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