Gaziray will provide suburban service from the comfort of the metro

gaziantepin mega project gaziray contact to breathe
gaziantepin mega project gaziray contact to breathe

📩 08/11/2018 17:46

Gaziray will continue to provide suburban services to Gaziantep from the comfort of the metro. 100 thousand people planned to move a day 1.1 billion pounds Gaziray project, some stations came to the final stage.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality is designed to relieve the urban transportation of Gaziantep Small Industrial Site with the Organized Industrial Zone, which will connect 25 kilometers long 17 station Başpınar and Mustafa Yavuz stations between the reconstruction of infrastructure and superstructure works (Gaziray Project) all the work towards speed


Expressing that the construction of Gaziray continued rapidly, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep Sezer Cihan, said that Gaziray was planned to be completed in 2019. With the completion of this project, Cihan emphasized that transportation from one end of the city to the other will be easier and faster. Daha 130 is working in Başpınar Organized Industry. They're always coming and going. We have a tram on the station right now. We are currently doing 2 separate projects of our metro lines in our Transportation Master Plan. They're coming to the station. So the station is a transfer center. We will do the collection of all buses by metro to our station. Our citizens who want to go from one direction to the other direction will transfer there, so they can reach to all parts of Gaziantep. We have stops in the current iron line where Gaziray passes. All citizens will be able to relax. Both the connection with the city and the transportation axes with the Organized Industry will be strengthened Hem.


Sezer Cihan said that everything was planned and all possible possibilities were considered. Citizens will be cheaper because our transfers will be free. We are building the metro networks of Gaziantep and we have made the beginning of this. We, 30-40 years later even in Gaziantep where the metro will be built. This is planned until the intersection of the city. Bu


While Gaziray project is reported to serve between Başpınar and Mustafa Yavuz station with 25 stations with a length of 17 kilometers, there will be new stadiums, bus stations and new residential areas on the route connecting Küçük Sanayi Sitesi and Organize Sanayi Sitesi. The project, which will serve suburban series with all comforts, especially the air conditioning and security system, will make a significant contribution to the urban transportation of Gaziantep, whose population reaches 2 million. With the Gaziray planned to be completed by the end of 2019, it is aimed to move 100 thousand people a day in the first place.


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