Emergency Response System for Seas

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan stated that they plan to establish stations that will dominate all coasts in the near future and to implement the "National Emergency Response System", "I believe that we will achieve important results in preventing marine pollution through these activities. In this regard, of course, we are in close cooperation with our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. ” said.

Speaking before the Regional Response to Emergency Response to Sea Pollution in Kocaeli Bay, held in Körfez Tütünçiftlik region, Minister Turhan said that the soldiers who died as a result of the explosion of the handmade explosives trapped by the PKK terrorists during the passage of the armored military vehicle in the countryside of Gercüş district of Batman, He wished urgent healing.

Learn result of the terrorist act can never be stressed to Turkey Turhan, he said the nation and the country would be the winner.

Turhan pointed out that the world's population has been continuously increasing, and that industrialization, which has been growing rapidly without stopping, brought about some global problems and that some disasters caused by climate change are witnessed almost every day.

Pointing out that the world and human beings are facing more vital problems than before, Turhan said, “Sea pollution, which is the occasion of gathering here, is one of these problems. We are in a country with a bridge surrounded by sea on 3 sides. We have 25 million hectares of sea area. We have 177 streams 33 thousand kilometers long, 200 natural lakes, 318 dam lakes, and 300 lakes. No matter how much we thank this wealth. ” he spoke.

“Our sea has the same meaning and importance whatever our mixed soil means.”

Minister Turhan, underlining that it is not enough to have these riches alone, he continued:

“Unfortunately, we would be upset about these riches without looking at the legacy of our ancestors and the trust of future generations. This is exactly how we look at the issue as a government. The legacy of our ancestors, the trust of our future generations. For this, we are struggling to survive for our nation and our state in the face of regional and global games, and on the other hand, we are in an effort to build prosperous tomorrows. The first condition of this is to know the value of what is available and what is available. Our sea has the same meaning and importance for us, whatever it means to our land. In order to instill this awareness to all our nation, we launched the Target One Million Amateur Seafarers Training Program the day before. ”

Turhan explained that the importance of the seas will not end with counting after he knows how to use, “For example, sea transportation is safe, low cost and environmentally friendly. As in the whole world, 90 percent of international trade is carried out by sea in our country. This reveals the importance and strategic value of the sector. ” expressed his opinion.

“We have lifted the maritime industry”

Turhan stressed that the maritime sector, which had been forgotten for many years, had lifted the water by giving water to the AK Party governments and continued as follows:

“In parallel with this, as the number of ships increased, sea traffic intensified. Ships carrying dangerous cargo were used extensively in maritime trade. As a result of this, in many sea accidents that have occurred in recent years, there has been a serious loss of life and property and great damage to the environment.

Turhan, the ministry as a ministry of navigation and life safety, to reduce the risk of accidents and to protect the marine environment by pointing out that they are carrying out important studies, said:

“We have established many modern technological systems and we continue to install them. The Turkish Straits Vessel Traffic Services System, which we established to monitor and direct maritime traffic, has been in service for 15 years. The installation of ship traffic services systems covering the Izmit, Izmir, Mersin and Iskenderun gulfs has also been completed. The installation of the ship traffic management center, in which a single marine picture was created, has also been completed. We watch with an automatic identification system since 2007 as instant ships in the coast of Turkey. Again all Turkish bayraklı We follow ships wherever they are in the world. Stranger now bayraklı We can also track ships up to a thousand nautical miles from our coast. We use satellite information systems effectively in search and rescue activities, prevention and detection of marine pollution. Our efforts to fully nationalize satellite-assisted search and rescue systems are also continuing. However, we follow international developments in order to make sea transport more environmentally sensitive. We subject our ships to strict inspections in this context. We carefully inspect the ships coming to our ports to protect our coasts. We regulate the traffic by taking additional measures in our gulfs where ship traffic is intense. "

“We plan to implement the 'National Emergency Response System' as soon as possible”

Stating that they have completed the construction of the Antalya Regional Emergency Response Center in response to marine pollution in 2015, and completed the construction of the Tekirdağ National Marine Safety and Emergency Response Center in 2017, Turhan said, We also plan to implement the System. Thanks to these activities, I believe that we will achieve important results in preventing marine pollution. In this regard, of course, we are in close cooperation with our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. ” used expressions.

Minister Turhan, voicing is located at the heart of the maritime sector Izmit Bay in Turkey, he said:

“More than 10 thousand ships enter and leave here annually. Last year, 35 million tons of cargo were processed in 73 port facilities in Kocaeli region. This figure accounts for 15 percent of the cargo handled in ports of Turkey. In addition, 8 shipyards operate in Kocaeli, one of the most important regions in terms of maritime trade. Therefore, the exercise to be held here is of great importance. ”

Turhan said that they aim to increase the emergency response capacity of the institutions by interfering with the sea pollution rapidly and effectively. Turhan added that they had to fulfill their responsibilities and be prepared for everything at any moment.

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