Wrong Information about Gebze-Darica Metro

Metropolitan Municipality, the biggest budget in the history of its own resources will make the tender 20 October Thursday at the Municipal Assembly Hall in 11.00'da also performs Büyük
It is promising to start this tender with a huge budget, which will start construction despite the savings measures taken by the president and the central government Cumhurbaşkanı
It should not be said 'this is what you need in this economical cost.'
All substructures for the construction of the Metro Line were completed. What is to be done is certain yap
Let's refresh some information Biraz
The Gebze-Darica Metro Line to be built by the Metropolitan Municipality will be a total of 15,6 and 31 kilometers to 2 kilometers.
14,7 kilometers of the line to be made in the tunnel (round trip), 900 meter will be on the level, ie surface.
Another feature that separates Gebze-Darica Metro from the Metro in Istanbul and Ankara is that it is a 'Driverless'.
Metro cars will consist of 4 vehicles with a total capacity of 1.080 N
Metro 12 will stop at the station. The metro will be convenient to travel every 90 seconds intervals Metro
Metro offers a great advantage in time zaman
The journey, which will start from Darica coast station, will be completed in a short time such as 12 minutes to 19 and the last station which is OSB station.
Metro Line, after the tender was awarded to the contractor to finish the job in the 560 day after the delivery was planned al
Metro information Metro
But the wrong information about Metro Ancak
The cost of this tender to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality in its budget is written in the amount of 2,5 billion TL Büyük
This is wrong Yanlış
The total cost of Metron, which is 31,2 kilometers between Gebze and OSB, will not be worth 2,5 billion TL, but the total price is 5 billion TL-
You heard wrong…
The cost of the Metro to the Metropolitan is exactly 5 BILLION TL Metro
Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ilhan Bayram, I called. Bayram, diğer 2,5 billion TL only the end of the construction of the Metron, 1 billion TL Metro's interior materials, Wagon and other materials, 1,5 billion TL, the cost of expropriation and other needs. The total cost of the metron is not 2,5,
5 billion, X he said.
I wanted to correct the wrong information about the cost of the Metro Line Metro

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