Domestic and National Technologies of Istanbul New Airport will be a model for the whole world

Founded by the IGA Airport Operator, IGA Bilisim will provide all the technological infrastructure and IT services of Istanbul New Airport and will be the largest service in the world. IGA Informatics, which will be responsible for 780 main system such as airport, infrastructure, security, aviation, business applications and software development with a team of 5 people, will use the national systems developed by local engineers.

When completed, it will be the biggest airport of the world from scratch. was founded by İGA Bilişim Company.

It will serve as a technology base and will be entrusted to İGA Bilişim, the whole technological infrastructure of Istanbul New Airport and IT services, which will be one of the smartest airports in the world.

İGA Informatics company, established with one hundred percent domestic and national resources, will realize the design, installation, integration and commissioning of the world's largest airport with Istanbul New Airport.

780 Personnel Advanced Technology Team

IGA Bilişim will be responsible for five main systems of infrastructure, security, aviation, business applications and software development of Istanbul New Airport with its team consisting of 100 people working on 780 and with subcontractors.

Domestic Resources to be Used in Technology

Istanbul New Airport, which will host many firsts technologically, will use domestic and national resources for all infrastructure installation and supply. IGA Bilisim developed by the domestic engineers, passengers to spend more quality time thoughtful transition systems, free internet, dynamic waiting time notifications, intelligent parking systems, new generation loyalty management systems, lost software, applications such as apron card application portal to be used for the first time will begin.

IGA Informatics will be the incubation center for aviation technology

H. Kadri Samsunlu, the CEO and General Manager of IGA Airport Management, underlined that Istanbul New Airport will be an incubation center on behalf of aviation technology and added: acılık We are proud to establish İGA Bilişim with domestic and national resources. Serving as a technology base and one of the smartest airports in the world, Istanbul New Airport will be one of the most important incubation centers of the aviation industry. Our goal is to bring everyone who has the idea together here at İGA Bilişim platform. Istanbul New Airport will be responsible for the company's IT infrastructure that Turkey's process of technological development that will add great momentum. Our ultimate aim is technological experience in the new Istanbul Airport, Turkey's growth spurt will be held in our country and in the region to transfer to other airports, and to increase the export of technology nationalization technology. To build it, as well as the intelligent building systems in Turkey and the region we want to operate these systems. "

In parallel with the increasing number of passengers and aircraft in the aviation industry, Kadri Samsunlu stated that there has been a development that has forced change and transformation; Unda International Air Transport Association, (IATA) 20 annual aviation forecast report; In 2017, it is estimated that 4 billion passengers travel around the world and this number will reach 2036 by 2 in 7,8 and reach XNUMX billion passengers. This picture shows us that the airports of the future should be bigger, more modern and in a state of the art service. Bu

İGA Informatics General Manager Ersin İnankul said that IGA Bilişim has realized the design, installation, integration and commissioning of the biggest airport of the world with Istanbul New Airport, and underlined that IGA Bilişim will be the biggest company in the world providing airport information services on this scale. İnankul; Ik At Istanbul New Airport, we have implemented many software from mobile applications to airport security systems, from air messaging platform to joint decision making system to maximize passenger satisfaction. We are also working on the world's first airport data center, the first virtual tower application of our country and the current technological systems such as domestic robot, unmanned passenger transport vehicles. The domestic and national technologies we produce here will be an example for all the world airports. Ları

Istanbul New Airport Technology Infrastructure with Numbers
3 data center (data center), 102 pieces integrated system, 467 units server, 780 telephony room, 3257 flight point, 3267 flight information monitor, 4549 support computer, 9000 security camera. There will be 20 million GB of data space at the airport. 80 will have a port as much as a thousand network ports in the average city, and the fiber cable length that is laid at the airport is equal to 1700 km between Istanbul and Berlin. In addition, 4500 km long copper cabling between Istanbul and New Delhi is among the features of the airport.

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