Emphasis on Indigenous and National Railway from Apaydın

TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınParticipated in the “Domestic Industry and Technology Summit” organized by the Mimar Sinan Engineers Association in Bursa on Sunday, October 14, 2018, and made a presentation on “R & D and Local and National Production Studies on Railways”.

Apaydın stated that the railways in the sector were separated as infrastructure operators and train operators in the post-liberalization period.

Sharing the historical development of the railways and the current road situation, Apaydın noted that 2003 has reached 44 km with 5.534 and 40 has reached 5.056 km with XNUMX.

Apaydın, who made explanations about the current, ongoing construction, tender and project railway lines, stated that 1.889 km YHT, 1.480 km HT line construction work continued and 1.147 km electrification and 2.323 km signaling works continued. reported.

Apaydın, road renewals, urban rail system projects and logistics center also made explanations about the project.

N More Experiments and Measurements are Performed in DATEM than 150 “

Apaydın, who talked about the R & D activities in the railways, stated that DATEM established in the railway in 2010 served as a bridge between the domestic industry and universities and worked for the realization of new technologies. Ün more experiments and measurements are made. yapıl

In his presentation, Mr. Apaydın gave wide space to the nationalization activities in the railway. Production of the wagon was produced as a prototype and the production of 2017 units was carried out in 2018 and 150 years later.

Apaydın stated that 70 locality was targeted in the train sets of National EMU-DMU Project. Denizli is operated on Basmane-Ödemiş tracks. The locality rate is 208. Yer

96 YHT set of studies to ensure the continuation of the SIP method Apaydın, TCDD-TÜBİTAK in cooperation with the projects, National Signalization Development and Implementation Project, National Train Simulator Construction, Rail Systems Traffic Training System Development Project, Composite Brake Shoe Project, Tightened He shared detailed information about the New Wagon Design and Manufacturing Project, E-1000 Type Electric Locomotive Development Project, E-5000 Electric Mainline Locomotive Project and Mushroom Hardened Rail Project and Scissor Transport Wagon.

”One Hundred Percent Local Production and Design“

Apaydın, TCDD, TÜBİTAK MAM and TÜLOMSAŞ completed E-1000 Lokomotiften 1 pieces of prototypes in the speech that expressed in his speech, E-1000 hundred percent of domestic production and one hundred percent domestic design, he said.

Noting that the E-5000 Electric Outline Locomotive Project started on 1 October 2017, Apaydın said, ı It can be produced domestically and sold abroad with its high value added sub-systems without being dependent on abroad. E

”We are the 3 Group of the World with Hybrid Technology“

Speaking about INNOTRANS 2018 (International Railway Technologies Systems and Vehicles) Fair, which is the largest railway fair in the world in Berlin, Germany, Apaydın said, “Our country has become the 3rd Country in the World with Hybrid Technology. " he spoke.

At the end of the program, General Director of TCDD by Yusuf Ulucay, Rector of Uludağ University İsa ApaydınSapling certificate was presented to.

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