Uysal: “3. Airport Buses Will Catch Up To The Opening ”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Mevlüt Uysal talked about the new airport at the 22nd Anniversary General Exhibition and Festival of ISMEK. Stating that the airport will be opened on October 29, Uysal said that we will train our buses that will reach the airport from 18 points.

Uysal said, “The new airport will be the largest and most beautiful airport in the world. As the rulers of Istanbul, we should make transportation to this airport as the best in the world. Our buses should be in the newest and cleanest form. Our bus workers should treat customers very well. Those who want to travel to the airport with our transportation should learn this in the easiest way. We call the system mobile transportation, where you can find out how this airport transportation network moves and what time it leaves from with our smart phones. After a while, citizens will be able to book their seats on the bus that will reach the airport while sitting at their homes. The reason we canceled our current tender was for the public interest. One of these public benefits was that the prices we thought were not reached and 475 million were awarded. Later, another company of our metropolitan municipality bought this tender for 755 million. When we consider it as a public benefit, we reshaped the tender by canceling the tender in order to establish a system that can bring the quality of the service to better standards. Our airport opens on October 29th. There will be flights to 5 different destinations until the new year. He said that we will train our buses that will reach the airport from 18 points, and those who use those buses will have the most comfortable journey. "

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