Diyarbakır Light Rail System Project Rafa is up!

The lı light rail system project ”promised to be built by the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality was not approved by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

It is learned that Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality has not approved the dur light rail system project tarafından consisting of 14 kilometers and 18 kilometers.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality after the appointment of the project was approved Cumali Atilla said that the city in the expectation of creating expectations in the city and the future of the project we asked the Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Rifat Ural, "what will happen if they do not know what happened," he said.


Du We can't say anything at the moment. Ğ Ural, the Head of Transportation Department of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, pointed out that all of the major investments were stopped due to the economic crisis and said, ”You know, all of the big investments have been stopped. We don't know what's gonna happen. The Department of Transport and Infrastructure has not yet returned to us. There was no return to see whether the project was accepted or not. This is a very big project. We expect the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to return to us. Biz


Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cumali Atilla's Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality web site and Sabah newspaper remarks that the project was approved in Diyarbakır Metropolitan Transportation Department Head Ural said, ı We cannot make a statement about this issue and the project. The president has instructed us on this. You have to ask the President questions about this. The president gives the statements on this issue. Bu


The light rail system project, which was prepared during the Gültan Kışanak Mayor of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), could not be implemented as it was not approved. Cumali Atilla, who was appointed to Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality as a trustee of the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, told the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality and Sabah newspaper that the project was approved.

On the website of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality In the news, it was stated that the project was approved by Atilla's initiatives.

It was said that the project, which is said to relax Diyarbakır traffic, will consist of 14 kilometers and 18 stops and at the same time 30 wagon will operate.

The report said that the Mayor of Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Cumali Atilla said: şu The rail system will be made in two stages. The first stage, the 14-wide rail system, will start from Dagkapi and reach the Training and Research Hospital. 2. The stage will go from Diclekent junction to 500 homes. Again within the scope of the transportation master plan, parking in the city center includes long-term projects such as traffic problem. The rail system also significantly relieves the city's traffic problem. Again, within the scope of the transportation master plan, we have a pedestrianization project at Ekinciler Street. Only tram from Ekinciler Street. We will clear the area on Ekinciler Street from vehicle traffic. In doing so, we have focused on other alternative ways. According to the project, alternative routes were planned as one way. Göre

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