50 percent of Dilovası West Junction OK

Fifty-fifty percent of the Dilovasi West Wing
Fifty-fifty percent of the Dilovasi West Wing

Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu came together with the headmen of Dilovası District. Thanks to the Mayor Karaosmanoğlu for their services to the district center and their villages, the mukhtars expressed their needs and the new needs they identified. President Karaosmanoğlu stated that the total of the 55 project, which has been tendered and started throughout the city except for the project to be implemented in Gebze OSB -Darıca Coast Line which mentions transportation projects, is worth millions of 560. The project has exceeded the fifty percent level of physical realization rate. This investment of approximately 16 Million will make a great contribution to the entry and exit of Dilovası district. Yaklaşık

"Our neighborhood, our village is devoted and long-suffering public officials met at every turn by our esteemed mayor who" expressed the President Karaosmanoğlu, "Kocaelimiz, Turkey hepimiz the eyeball. Our duty is to protect and protect our city and our country, to ensure that it will walk safely to the future. In this task, we have important duties for us and our headmen. Fortunately, we have realized very useful projects with our headmen since 2004. Çok Mayor Karaosmanoğlu also made reminders of the smallest cell of democracy. Es Each neighborhood has its own texture. All our services have the signature of our muhtarlarımızın. The residents of the neighborhood, where we met one-to-one and met with the mukhtars, have a signature in our works. Üşt

In the works we do throughout Kocaeli, the demands and guidance we receive from the headmen are of great importance. kazanMetropolitan Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu emphasized that “Our services are determined by your demands and directions. We work with you in all our works in infrastructure, social services, environmental investments, science works. If we have renewed the infrastructure of our most remote streets, if we have saved them from mud, dust and soil and brought them to asphalt; This is thanks to our mukhtars. We will continue to listen to you,” he concluded. The meeting ended after mutual exchange of ideas.


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