DHMI Continues Training for Istanbul New Airport

In order to prevent any problems in the opening, the number of days before the opening of the New Airport; continues its trainings on air navigation services, operation, construction, information technologies and electronic infrastructure completion.

Funda Ocak, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Manager of the State Airports Authority, made a statement on the subject, and said that they continue to work in coordination with IGA and other stakeholders. The January statement continued as follows:

The entire DHMI community strives with mobilization awareness and spirit in order to avoid any problems at the grand opening on 29 October. All of our units, acting with this understanding, carry out the necessary works in coordination with İGA and other stakeholders.

Education is a field that we place a lot of importance on before the grand opening. I would like to summarize the activities for IGA employees at the New Airport under the umbrella of DHMI and my valuable followers:

Activities, training and tests for the completion of air navigation services, operation, construction, information technologies and electronic infrastructure have been meticulously completed on the basis of 7 / 24 and some trainings are continuing.

In this context; ILS, radar, VOR trainings of the personnel who will pass from AHL to this airport have been completed. Newly appointed personnel will also be trained on Air traffic safety electronic personnel (ATSEP).

125 additional controllers were trained in the basic ATC courses held in Istanbul, and the number of Istanbul controllers was increased to 335, and our staff who will provide air traffic control service at the new airport successfully completed their real-time simulations at the eurocontrol bretigny experiment center.

We have completed our preparations with tower and approach control works with atcTRsim simulators developed with our facilities. Following the 70 at the opening, our 80 and our 1600 flight per day are ready to be ready for duty.

On the other hand, our training programs for IGA personnel continue by our Aviation A level.

In the training activities of our organization that started and continued on May 04, 2018 on the Istanbul New Airport, a training program with 15 certifications was carried out in 91 different classes under 1861 different training titles approved by the Ministry of National Education.

The trainings in various branches, which started on September 43 with 850 personnel in 26 different classes, will end on October 04, 2018. Until the opening date, October 29, 2018, 100 certified training activities are planned in approximately 2000 different education classes.

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