Safi Derince Goes Hard to Bulut: 'We Are Not Subject to License'

Derince Mayor Ali Haydar Bulut 4 annually evaluations in the press statement, Derince Safi Port Port of the request for a license, Safi Derince management came to a harsh response.

Safi Derince International Port Management Inc., which is originally owned by TCDD, reminds its companies that 02.03.2015 has been transferred to their companies for 39 in 39 history, with the condition of investing and expanding with the decision of President Erdoğan and Council of Ministers. . In the statement, veril We will be given back to our port State by XNUMX years after the date of the contract, from the expansion of the port by our company. Our company with a different expression at the end of this time the jacket will get out of the harbor.

Safi Derince, who stated that the expansion works in the port were made within the scope of the order and knowledge of President Erdoğan, stated that Cumhurbaşkanı As stated in the contract signed with the Privatization Administration, the liability imposed on our company is to expand the port. If the port is not expanded by our company within a certain period of time, the contract may be terminated and the guarantees we have given may be recorded as revenue. The authority to expand in the enlargement project is entirely in the Turkish State Railways. Isi

The following views were given in the explanation of Safi Derince management on the subject: “Derince Port is not subject to license, as is the case with other ports owned by TCDD and privatized by the Privatization Administration with the build-operate-transfer model. Derince Municipality, on the other hand, is trying to get a share, despite knowing all this legal and actual situation. Our request from our Mr. Derince Mayor is not to hinder the work that will create employment for the country's economy and especially for Derince District and Kocaeli province, which will employ approximately 2.500 people when completed. In this direction, Derince Port should be completed in line with the order of our President. As a company, we inform the public that we will increase the capacity of Derince Port as soon as possible and put it into the service of our country, and that we continue our efforts unceasingly. "

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