Expert of Çorlu Train Accident Receives Tender from TCDD

In Çorlu train accident, it was revealed that the expert Karaşahin was the consultant of the line renovation project, while Yarman was awarded the tender.

A new one was added to the expert scandal about the train accident in which 25 people died in Çorlu. Journalist Mustafa Hoş, Prof. on the expert delegation. Sıddık Binboğa Yarman, like the other expert Mustafa Karaşahin, said that he was on the delegation of the Pamukova train disaster, where 41 people died. It was also revealed that Yarman had commercial relations with TCDD like Karaşahin.

Newspaper Wall, journalist Mustafa Hosse, according to a report, both names Pamukova train disaster laundering, took part in the scientific delegation, he noted. Stating that Karaşahin and Yarman, who were in commercial relations with the Ministry of Transportation and Transportation, were brought to Çorlu by helicopter on the evening of the accident, Mustafa Hoş stated that the Trakya Railroad, which was a disaster between Savronik and TCDD, was also mentioned.

Previously, experts Karaşahin'in Ministry of Transport consultancy, high-speed railway line renovation consultancy and the Çorlu disaster occurred in the renovation of the line appeared to consult the project.

Mustafa Hoş, the journalist who made statements on the social media account on the subject, said: uyla Before the end of the examination for the train of Çorlu, the trauma of the train was attributed to the extreme rainfall and he praised the death grate. Mustafa Karaşahin served as a consultant to the Ministry of Transport. He worked on a very fast train renovation line. The most scandalous or even the project advisor da


Karaşahin, on the television screens following the accident, claimed the ve successful thousand culverts yıldır for the migrated culvert and described the disaster as the erosion of the filling, which provided the fill in the vents as a result of excessive rainfall, and ez 135 is a successful culvert that can perform its function for years. Sudden downturns from seasonal changes caused by global warming can occur. Küresel


A report was prepared by the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TTMOB) Chamber of Geological Engineers Istanbul Branch about the train crash where 24 died and 338 was injured in Tekirdağ Çorlu. According to the report, the grille at the bottom of the railroad that hanged the rails was made of masonry bricks and not reinforced concrete. With the removal of the 'road guard' application, the fill between the culvert and the rail could not be seen to have eroded, and the situation caused weakness.

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    1. the only person who knows about the railroad, is the expert technical staff of the anchor.

    2. the only person who knows about the railroad, is the expert technical staff of the anchor.