Football Academy in the name of Oğuz Arda Sel, who lost his life in a train accident in Çorlu


A football academy will be opened in his hometown, Uzunköprü, in the name of Oğuz Arda Sel, who died in a train accident near Çorlu and is known for his fondness for football. Uzunköprü Mayor Enis İşbilen stated in a written statement that they established a football academy to keep the memory of Oğuz Arda Sel alive.

Transferring that young people will do sports in harmony with their lessons, İşbilen said:

“Oğuz Arda Sel Football Academy was established by our municipality in cooperation with Uzunköprüspor with the aim of developing football knowledge and skills of our students between the ages of 7-14, who are studying in our district, in the presence of professional coaches, to stay away from bad habits and to train football players for our city's teams.

All sports equipment will be provided free of charge by the municipality and will be planned in a way that will not interfere with the school courses, written exam grades will be constantly monitored, the interest of football training will not be allowed to decrease.

Registrations will end at the end of October 11, 2018, students who want to apply and register must apply to the Uzunköprü Municipality Public Desk and Atatürk Cultural Center.

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