Ali Çetinkaya Street Turned into Open-Air Museum

On the Ali Çetinkaya Street, where the Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya has a completely different view as the world's first museum concept street, the copies of the works from the excavations of the East Garage started to be exhibited. The works that shed light on Antalya's history attract great attention.

Ali Cetinkaya Street, which Mayor Menderes Türel will become one of the most valuable corner of Antalya, started to be the center of attraction of the city with his renewed face. 7 exhibition display case was placed along Ali Çetinkaya Street, the first street designed with a museum concept in the world. One-to-one copies of the historical artifacts from the excavations of the East Garage began to be exhibited in these showcases. The works that give a different identity to the street attract the attention of citizens and tourists.

150 works will be exhibited
Mehmet Şengül, Archaeologist of the Directorate of Museums, said: rop Nearly a thousand graves were found in the excavations carried out in the East Garage Necropolis area. The people of Antalya were wondering about the works from the East Garage. Some of the works were similar to those of the original. Among them are many works such as Tear bottles, terracotta sculptures, commercial pots, sculpture pieces. Ali Çetinkaya exhibition showcases citizens and tourists to recognize these works will be provided. The facts of the works will be exhibited at the ongoing necropolis museum Eser.

A first in the world
During the East Garage works, the 3 millennial necropolis area had been excavated and the excavation was started. During the excavations of Menderes Türel, the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, the known historical artifacts of Antalya, which were thousand years ago, had emerged. Then, Türel started the project that would turn the necropolis into an open museum. Now copies of these works adorn Ali Çetinkaya Street. Ali Çetinkaya, which has become a museum street, will be a stop for tourists without seeing.




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