BursaRay's 2035 Ticket is 40 Million Dollars

Accounting to run Bursaray, which has a very important function in urban transportation by carrying thousands of people every day, is carried out smoothly in the future. The goal is to use the metro with the same efficiency in Bursa, which has grown well in 2035.

Where will the passenger traffic in the future be concentrated? With the investments to be made to signalization, how many minutes will be reduced? How do peak hours (peaks) spread to a wider time span? These days, BURULAŞ officials are focusing on these questions.

According to the calculations and forecasts, there will be a more intense public transportation need than the present day in the University line and west of Bursa. The main factor in this is the Technology Industry Zone (TEKNOSAB), which is being established near Karacabey, and the satellite with a population of 200 thousand, which is planned to be established in the same region.

BursaRay nearly 16 years after that with the current line that is used today to serve as a 2035't. So the prediction of the city's population approaching 4 million to be able to answer transportation needs that will arise in history. However, for this, the signaling system needs to be renewed.

According to the information provided by BURULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar, the investment to be made in BursaRay signalization will reach 40 million dollars.

If this large investment is made on the lines of the university-Kestel and Emek-Arabayatağı train intervals will be reduced to 2 minutes.

Çapar said that it would be possible to reduce the time intervals from 3 and a half to 2 and a half to one with half of this.

Another issue studied is; measures to extend the morning and evening hours when passenger density is maximized.

The suggestion of the BURULAŞ authorities is to open and close the schools at different hours.

In this regard, the Governor and the said consultation with the Directorate of National Education, Provincial BURULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Kursat Çapar, "especially the start of school in the morning and we could a little more spring density occurs in the hours dissolution of the afternoon, Bursalılar to be able to offer a more comfortable ride facilities," he says.

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