Stadium Circle Will Relax In Bursa

traffic in the stadium
traffic in the stadium

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Bursa Alinur Aktas, the Metropolitan Stadium in the vicinity of the examinations, one of the most critical points of the city's traffic, the work will relieve the region meticulously said.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, the ongoing study around the Metropolitan Stadium examined. Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats present in the examination, providing information about the work in the region President Aktaş, ged One of the most critical points of Bursa traffic, the stadium, we examined. The viaduct work continued for some time. One branch of the viaduct work with two arms will be connected to Mudanya and Izmir Roads and another will be connected to the Near East Ring Road via 11 September Boulevard. İki

President Aktas, describing the details of the planned work, detaylar Today we have made discoveries. This is an area of ​​interest for the entire city. Especially the Acemler Junction and Izmir Road, what we can do to relieve, we continue to work, "he said.

I We evaluate within the scope of the Emergency Action Plan “

. We evaluate what we can do in the Emergency Action Plan, ğ said President Aktas. Hospital construction is not over yet. After the completion of the construction of the hospital, there are works to be done especially on Fan Street and more expropriations to be done. Hastane

Reminding that only a small amount of land in the region belongs to the Ministry of Youth, President Aktaş said, na Expropriations are made in the remaining parts. More expropriations, there are ways to expand. The connection of the viaduct must be complete. For this, tenders should be made. Our citizens of Bursa should be good. We want to complete the work quickly and we want to relieve this region Çalış.


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