Başkentray Project's Green Area Arrangement Completed

green area project of baskentray project completed
green area project of baskentray project completed

With the opening of Başkentray Project, the green area and landscaping works initiated by Mamak Municipality were completed.

Within the scope of the work carried out on the line within the boundaries of Başkentray, the 8 square 821 square on the Mamak Street and the 7 thousand 628 square meter area, which are 233 square meters, were offered to the citizens. Green area, fitness area, children's playground, jogging track, ornamental pool, pergole, camellia and afforestation were carried out within the scope of the study.

All shades of green in Mamak

Mamak Municipality Mayor Mesut Akgül underlined that the amount of green space per capita in the district increases with each passing year and he said that they offer 10 parking for the citizens in 150 years. Noting that the number of parks in Mamak has increased to 354 with new parks, Akgül said Hizmet Green areas are one of the most important indicators of the development level of a country. One of the important centers contributing to this change in our district. While we are planning a project, there are green areas that we plan first. As soon as the Baskentray Project was completed, a large area emerged. We have presented this area as green space and parking lot and presented it to our citizens Biz.


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