Minister Turhan: “We are working to weave our country with railway networks Bakan

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'Social Cooperatives Training and Publicity Train' 01 October 2018 was sent off with a ceremony held in Ankara Gar on Monday.

In order to raise awareness about the social cooperative model in our country, to support, develop and disseminate social cooperatives; Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mr. M.Cahit Turhan, Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan, and Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk.

TURHAN: “We are working to knit our country with railway networks TUR

Minister Turhan stated that social cooperatives aim to produce solutions to social problems such as ensuring the integration of groups with fewer opportunities and opportunities, “This train, which will stop by our cities for two weeks, will bring together the disadvantaged people to the city's intellectuals, prominent people, NGO representatives. will bring the seeds of hope together with the soil. " said.

X Railways 162. I congratulate the anniversary Yıld

Stating that they have to look at each individual with this consciousness and have more ownership as a nation, Turhan said: “We should also consider the train that will move from here as an engagement of this consciousness. This train, which will stop by our cities for two weeks, will bring together the disadvantaged people and the city's intellectuals, dignitaries, NGO representatives, and the seeds of hope. Regional development and minimization of differences, the disappearance of backwardness, poverty, and injustice in income distribution can only be achieved by reaching more people and countries. Railway is one of these vehicles and we work day and night to weave all parts of our country with modern railway networks. ”

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M.Cahit Turhan, who thanked TCDD for his contributions to the project, said kat 162. Celebrating the Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish State Railways offered their congratulations to the railwaymen.

APAYDIN: ine The Railways Lead the Development of Our Country in Every Area AP

TCDD General Manager at the ceremony İsa ApaydınRecalling that the railroads of the ceremony coincided with the 162 anniversary anniversary, he underlined that the State Railways were not only a means of transportation in the historical process exceeding one and a half century, but also led to the victory of the national struggle and the development of our country in all areas of economic, social and cultural life.

Starting from the first years of the Republic of Anatolia, the most remote corners of the people of the first doctor, first drinking water, the first sports club, the first library, the first cinema with the guidance of the railroads met Apaydın,, Steel rails with trains to the feet of the railway doctors have found healing, the library trainers in their wagons, gated wagons, and cinema wagons. Since the beginning of 1930, dozens of railroads have been established and the Demirspor Club has been the locomotive of the development of sports in our country and spreading it to the homeland. Çık said Apaydın; agriculture, afforestation and landscaping places that provide cultural richness to the region, he added.

Uz We continue our economic, social and cultural responsibilities as in the past, as an institution that successfully operates high-speed and fast railways with the support of our governments, our esteemed ministers, our grand council and its valuable deputies. Apaydın, stating that they have realized many projects with renewed roads and comfortable trains on it, emphasized that Social Cooperatives Training and Publicity Train is one of them.

Ir The Ministry of Commerce, together with the General Directorate of Co-operative, will be seen by our Ministers and then the, Social Cooperatives Trainning and Publicity Train lü. Our train will depart from Ankara; Together with its distinguished guests, we will be able to reach Eskişehir, Kütahya, Balıkesir, Manisa, İzmir, Aydın, Denizli, Isparta Afyon and Konya and will be hosted in the authentic places of our historical garages. seçkin

Following the speeches, the Social Cooperative Training and Publicity Train departed from Ankara with the orders of the ministers.

The first train to visit Eskişehir is 13. The last stop of the private train will be Konya.

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