Aziz Kocaoglu, Izmir History Signed

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who announced that he would not be a candidate in the elections at the end of March, took his place in the history of the city with his services that will not be erased for many years. Mayor Kocaoğlu, who created the development-based “Izmir Model”, increased the municipal investments 14.5 times in 28 years and the rail system network 16 times. Supported by the Metropolitan Municipality, the fair organization exploded; The Izmir agriculture grew more than 2,4 times the average in Turkey.

With the investments and projects implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality under the administration of Aziz Kocaoğlu since 2004, a historical transformation took place in the city. İzmir has gained a strong infrastructure from transportation to environment, from social and sports facilities to art centers. Growing with a performance above the country averages in many sectors of the economy, especially agriculture and fair organizations, İzmir has entered a new era. The practices implemented by Mayor Kocaoğlu with the goal of "local development" have been included in the local government literature as the "Izmir Model". Once one of Turkey's most indebted municipality of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's most powerful today, has become one of Turkey's most trusted institution with equity investors. The Izmir economy, which had been stagnant for many years, revived in this period.

Izmir became the center of attraction
During the period of President Kocaoğlu, the metro line from Üçyol to Üçkuyular, 136 km of suburban system, Konak and Karşıyaka Dozens of giant artifacts such as trams, İzmir Wildlife Park, Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, Fair İzmir, İzmir Social Life Campus, International Ice Sports Hall, Bornova Doğanlar Stadium, Tire Stadium, Historical Gas Factory Culture Center were brought to the city. Particularly agriculture and trade fairs, including the economy growing above the national average for a performance in many sectors in Izmir, Turkey's "most livable city" was. Istanbul, which is called "stone, its land is gold", has started to emigrate to Izmir. In the last year, more than 17 thousand Istanbul residents, especially middle-aged managers and white-collar workers, migrated to Izmir. İzmir, where the educated workforce is showing an increasing interest, has become a center of attraction for the new investments of giant companies based in Istanbul.
The first signs of the revival in Izmir came from abroad. İzmir, which was shown as the 2012th fastest growing city in the world by the Brookings Institute in 4, rose to the 2014nd place in 2.

Rail systems 16 floor grew
Developing public transport facilities, rail network surrounding the city, renewed ships and Turkey's first electric bus in Izmir with a fleet of quality of life has improved. The rail system network, limited to 11 km of metro line, grew more than 16 times during this period and increased to 179 km.

Metro: A total of 17 stations and a route of 19 km were reached in Izmir Metro, with the stations that were completed and put into service. One end of the subway line was extended to Ege University and Evka 3, and the other to Üçkuyular. The foundations of the 7,2 km Narlıdere Metro have been laid and the works are ongoing. After receiving the expected approval from Ankara, the tender and construction process will begin within the Buca metro.

İZBAN: Turkey's longest commuter line was inaugurated in 2010 in Aliaga meander through the 80 km. İzmir Suburban System İZBAN line, which was realized in partnership with TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, was first extended to Torbalı. Then, the 26 km section between Tepeköy and Selçuk was put into service. İZBAN line reached 136 km with the participation of Selçuk Station. Working in integration with the Izmir Suburban System, the İZBAN line will extend 52 km further to Bergama in the north and will serve with 8 stops.

Tram: Since 2017, the tram era has started again in Izmir. Karşıyaka Tram, 8.8 kilometers on the route between Iskele-Mavisehir with 14 stops, Konak Tram, F.Altay Square - Halkapınar 12.8 kilometers, 19 stops.

15 cruise ship, 3 passenger car
The goal of passenger transportation was realized with fast and comfortable ships manufactured with the latest technology in the Gulf of Izmir. The country's first carbon composite 15 modern passenger ships, specially designed and manufactured within the scope of the "Marine Transportation Development Project" put into practice by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, went into service. Including the 3-car ferries produced in this context, the average age of the new fleet of 18 ships belonging to the Municipality fell to 1. Thus, İzmir became the city with the “youngest sea fleet” among the local administrations providing public transportation services in the Mediterranean. Büyükşehir also went out to tender to buy 2 new ferries with cars.

Turkey's first electric bus fleet
The first 20 electric bus, which is produced with environmentally friendly and economical, completely domestic technology, began its voyages.

Intelligent Traffic System
The traffic management system implemented in the developed big cities of the world was established in Izmir. New system, intersections and car parks 10 more than a thousand smart devices, 402 smart junction, 110 traffic monitoring camera, 201 traffic measurement system, 47 variable message system, 151 red light violation system, 114 parking violation system, 9 speed corridor route, 15 speed control system is used with advanced technology.

Social Life Campus
Sizes and features a first in Turkey owned by the Izmir Social Life Campus put into service in 2016. The giant facility in Buca, which is the biggest investment of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in terms of social municipal management, is established on an area of ​​65 thousand square meters. Within the Social Life Campus, there are sections such as a nursing home, a soup kitchen, a gym and swimming pool, a child and youth center, a disabled center, and a rehabilitation center.

Fair Izmir
Turkey's most qualified Trade fair complex Izmir, 337 thousand square meters with a proud monument of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, was the largest in Turkey. The construction of Fair Izmir had a doping effect on the development of the city in fair organizations. The number of participants in the most important fairs has increased exponentially thanks to the Fair Izmir, which was realized by the Metropolitan Municipality at a cost of 600 million lira using its own resources. Olivtech & Ecology İzmir made people laugh with 161 percent, Shoexpo 52 percent, Travel Turkey 16 percent, IF Wedding 16 percent, while Marble broke its own record by increasing the number of visitors by 44 percent.

Izmir Wildlife Park
Turkey's first wildlife park was introduced in the city of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality by 2008 thousand square meters in 425. Today thousands of visitors from many cities in Turkey this very special facility here in 130 and comes to see the wild animals in 1500 species survive in their natural habitat.

Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality used the resources of the city for the benefit of the citizens, with a local administration approach focused on “people, not rent”. That adds value to Izmir, one of Turkey's most qualified art centers; Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, "Turkey's private opera" laid the foundation of the first building in the Mavisehir.

Aşık Veysel Recreation Area and International Ice Sports Hall
Bornova Asik Veysel Recreation Area was established within Turkey's most modern Ice Sports Hall with 5 thousand seat amphitheater. Young people and children from Izmir get acquainted with sports such as ice skating and ice hockey in the hall of contemporary standards. Champion athletes are trained in this hall.

Historic Gas Plant
It is a historical investment that is offered to the service of the people of İzmir with a public understanding rather than transforming it into ranta. In 2008, the Gas Plant in Alsancak, which was restored by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and converted into a cultural center, began to take part in the city life again as a point of attraction.

Bornova Doğanlar Stadium
The 10 thousand-seat Doğanlar Stadium, realized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Bornova Municipality, played an important role in eliminating this shortcoming of the city. Bornova Stadium moved Göztepe, which it hosted, to the Super League.

Tire Stadium
Tire Stadium, which has 15 thousand people capacity, built with the cooperation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Tire Municipality in accordance with UEFA standards, will be able to host international events. The new stadium of the city, of which 60 percent of the cost, which is 75 million TL, was covered by the Metropolitan Municipality and 25 percent by the Municipality of Tire, was opened. Tire Stadium creates an important advantage for home teams with its excellent acoustics as well as its aesthetic appearance.

28 multi-purpose hall
28 multi-purpose sports hall was established in the surrounding districts to spread the sport and cultural events to the whole city.

Homer Valley
Homer Valley, which is adorned with ponds, has become one of the important actors of nature tourism.

Renovated Cable Car
The cable car facilities in Balçova, which were closed due to the end of its life and rebuilt in European standards, met with the people of İzmir in the summer of 2015.

7 bin 900 km asphalt road
14.5 13 million 560 thousand tonnes of asphalt applied per year. This corresponds to the 7 meter-wide 10 7 kilometer-long path of 900 meters wide.

Disabled Awareness Center
Difficulties faced by people with disabilities in everyday life, society's first Disability Awareness Training Center in Turkey in order to feel and to other parts of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality established.

10 indoor parking lot
the first fully automated storey car park in Alsancak car park as well as that of local administration in Turkey, Hatay Marketplace Storey Car Park, Atatürk Sports Hall in front of the underground parking lot, the Navy Üçok underground parking, Culture Underground Parking Lot, Buca Butcher Square underground parking, Botanica District Garage parking and the Alaybey Multi-Storey Car Park was brought to Izmir. The 8-storey car park in Hatay will be put into service in October. Construction of Yeşilyurt and Selvili parking lots started. 3386 more parking garages with a capacity of 10 vehicles, one of which is fully automatic, have been added to different parts of the city.

Miracle of İzmir in agriculture
For the first time in Turkey within the "Department of Agricultural Services" and also establishing Turkey's first "contract manufacturing" model that implements the local government, was the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu diversified the contracted purchases he started with the "School Milk" project with products such as flowers, saplings, dairy products and olive oil. A financial contribution of 900 million TL has been made within the scope of purchases made by contracted production from cooperatives, purchases made from producer unions, direct support to producers, and supports provided to producer cooperatives and agriculture chambers.

Thanks to these supports;
- Cooperatives that were about to close down in the region revived, some of them started to export.
- İzmir provided an increase rate in agricultural production far above the country averages.
- Employment opportunities have expanded.
- The product was provided to reach the consumer and find its value.
Growing only 1990 per thousand in 2003 years covering the 14-9 period, İzmir agriculture achieved a growth rate of 2004 percent in the 2017-7,5 period when Kocaoğlu was the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality supported by agriculture grew more than 2,4 times the average in Turkey.
- Promising steps have been taken to prevent rural to urban migration. The population in 19 districts of Izmir, defined as “rural”, increased by 2016 percent in 1.59 compared to the previous year. 1.32:1.35 So overall population growth rate in İzmir same period, the population growth rate in Turkey, stayed at XNUMX:XNUMX percent.

He fell in Turkey rose in Izmir
Another important data supporting rural development in İzmir was the ratio of agricultural employment to the population. According to the Istanbul Directorate of Labor and Employment Agency data, the rate dropped to 2015 percent in 20.6, which was 2016 percent in 19.5 in Turkey. In Izmir, Turkey 9.9 ratio increased from 10.5 percent in the general population, in contrast to the same period in agricultural employment. So Turkey has risen at the rate of Izmir in general.
Rural population ratio in İzmir increased from 29,14 percent to 30,70 percent.

Izmir's "Milk Lambs"
7 has launched the Milk Lamb project, which aims to help children in the 1-5 age group in the regions where families with low-income families live by means of the uz School Milk Project-. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the Milk Lamb Project, leaves the 130 liter of milk in the 2 thousand children's house every week. The milk is distributed from the local producer Tire Milk Cooperative. Thanks to the project İzmirli poor families with children growing up in a healthy way by drinking milk hyphenated milk producers, has increased 6 solid full amount of the production average in Turkey. The co-operative, founded by the producers, was chosen by the United Nations as an, exemplary development model “in 2013.

Florentines opened to world markets
This initiative of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which chooses to support local producers by purchasing the flowers used in the city's landscape works from the Bayındır Flower Cooperative, revitalized the economic life in the region. Variety and quality increased thanks to the contracted production model. Florists from Bayındır, who survived the crisis they experienced, now sell flowers to many countries of the world. In fact, the world giant in this field is running a joint project with the Netherlands.

Turkey has met the plain road
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been saving its agricultural lands for the first time in the country's history by investing in lowland roads, has been covering the surface of the 2004 bin 6 km production road since 300. Especially in the winter period, the difficulties of reaching their land, in the summer due to dust in the quality of the products of farmers, the Metropolitan Municipality of asphalted roads to the fields more easy to reach the field and began to get more products.

Untreated settlement remains; survived the soil and water
Turkey's treatment record holder in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Menderes, Gediz, Nifu Peninsula and saved 22 advanced biological wastewater treatment plants in the basin of the river by building and agricultural lands from pollution. Product quality has improved, marketing opportunities have increased.

Natural Life Village Project
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality established a Natural Life Village on the 315 decare area in Urla Bademler Agricultural Development Cooperative, including bungalow houses, production parcels, walking and bicycle paths.

Izmir's economy grew

In the 14.5 year, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality increased its investment expenditures by 28 times; 16.5 is over $ 1 billion.
Debts from the past were paid 6 months before the due date; İzmir has no debt to the Treasury as of June 2012.
Once one of Turkey's most indebted municipality of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's most powerful today, has become one of Turkey's most trusted institution with equity investors.
While 2004 TL per capita investment in 32 was TL 2017, this number increased by 21 to 675 in XNUMX.
The increase in the number of points taken by Fitch Ratings by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality by 9 was increased by AAA (tur) and Moody's by 18 to
In the last 14.5 year, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's net budget increased by 8.6 and its debt increased by only 1,9. In 2004, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's debt was% 297 of its budget and it reached to 2017 as low as 68.
In the 2012 by the research institute Brookings Institute, X The world's economy is the fastest growing 4. 2014 in 2. was named.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was awarded the “Plaque of Honor İzmir by the Council of Europe.
Izmir won the 'Environment Friendly City' award given within the scope of the United Nations Environment Program Mediterranean Action Plan.
Izmir was the guest of honor of the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Independent Cities Conference organized by The Economist in London. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu in his interview with Financial Times magazine explained the successful economic model of Izmir.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu was selected as the oğlu President of the Month iyel in December 2012 by the City Mayors Foundation, which is based in London and evaluated the projects of municipalities and presidents. Aziz Kocaoglu was the first Turkish mayor to receive this title.

Fortress of social municipality
During the period of Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir presented the most successful examples of social municipality with the projects and practices implemented. Social projects, public art activities, employment-oriented education services to make the life of Izmir.

Milk Lamb Project
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality purchases from the producer cooperative with the Milk Lamb Project and distributes milk in hundreds of neighborhoods with dozens of teams every day. Free milk is delivered to the homes of children aged 1-5. Two years ago, milk was distributed to Syrian children as part of the project. 2 thousand 132 children drink milk regularly in İzmir. With the project, 500 million 61 thousand liters of milk have been distributed so far. Both producers and children smile in Izmir,

Kent Bread
'Kent Bread Factory', established with the aim of supporting families with limited economic opportunities,
day to tens of thousands of families, cheap, unadulterated and hygienic bread is taking.

Eşrefpaşa Hospital
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital, which is a full-fledged health institution equipped with advanced technology, provides quality health services to all segments of the society.
In addition, the quality of life of residents is being improved by the Center for Healthy Aging Center, Alzheimer's and Dementia Center, Healthy Living Social Rehabilitation Support Center. Home care services are provided to patients in need.

Abla-Ağabey-Kardeş Project
One of the best examples of solidarity culture and voluntary work is exhibited in İzmir. University students and university graduates living in disadvantaged areas with limited urban and social opportunities class students take part in this exemplary project to give social support to children.

Sister Family Project
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality brought the families of the urban families to migrate to Izmir and attract foreign citizens. The bonds of mutual brotherhood were woven.

Age Areas Club
Young People and the Age Areas Club Project.

It became a model in urban transformation
"On-site, fair and 100 percent compromise-based" urban transformation started in Izmir. The works carried out with the slogan "My home is new, my neighbor is the same" gave their first fruit in Uzundere. In Uzundere Urban Transformation Project, 100 residences and 9 workplace beneficiaries gained their new residences in 280 blocks, which were completed within the scope of the first phase, in areas that were 33 percent agreed. The groundwork was laid for the second phase of the Uzundere Urban Transformation Project, which includes 422 residences and 40 workplaces.
The tender for the 3rd stage will be held on October 4. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Uzundere, as well as Örnekköy, Ege Mahallesi, Gaziemir Aktepe Emrez Mahallesi, BayraklıContinues urban transformation studies in Ballıkuyu and Güzeltepe.

Step by step to the adım Swim Gulf “
The “Great Gulf Project in was prepared for the rescue of Izmir Bay. To determine the screening method for the channel to be opened on the northern axis of the Gulf, the project works were started for the transfer of the materials scanned with the recycling area and the islands of natural life to these areas. Thanks to the refinement investments, the quality of the bay water has started to improve a bit more each year.

Beaches of Izmir “Blue bayraklı"
International Blue Flag Jury, blue in Turkey bayraklı While adding 2017 new beaches to the beaches in 10, 10 of these 4 beaches were in Izmir. "Blue in the city bayraklı“The number of beaches increased by 12 percent in 120 years to 51. The major role in this increase was played by the advanced biological wastewater treatment facilities that the Metropolitan Municipality has been implementing one after another. In 2018, the "blue bayraklı“Beach number was 52.

The purification leader of Turkey
According to the TUIK's data Izmir, Turkey maintained its leadership of the European Union for many years the per capita amount of treatment and number of people in treatment standards. The European Union, which has the most advanced biological wastewater treatment plant with 22 standard treatment facility in Izmir, with the amount falling waste water treatment and purification rate of per capita ranks first in EU standards in Turkey. Izmir also served as a wastewater treatment plant, and 581 became the only city in the municipality to increase domestic waste water by belediye 100.
100 advanced biological waste water treatment plant was put into service by investing on 14 million liras. Urla High Technology Biological Treatment Plant was opened. Urla, Bayındır, Menemen, Aliağa, Torbalı, Kemalpaşa, Seferihisar, Ayrancılar biyYazıbaşı, Özdere, Doğanbey-Ürkmez, Yeni Foça, Bayındır Hasköy, Menemen Türkelli, Tire with advanced biological treatment plants Gediz, Nif, Bakırçay, Peninsula and Küçük Menderes basins He was rescued. Cleaning operation continues with total 66 treatment plant.

Sludge Digestion and Drying Plant
In 2014, the Çiğli Waste Water Treatment Plant sludge digestion and drying units are put into service with an investment of 71 million pounds. This biogas is used instead of natural gas in the sludge drying process.

"Green mobilization"
The Metropolitan Municipality, which established giant recreational areas, urban forests and parks, evaluated every area, even large and small quarries, 1 million 700 thousand trees and more than 64 million plants met with the soil. The amount of green space maintained has exceeded 16 million square meters. Inciralti, Sasali, Buca Turkey's most important urban forests in Orange Valley was created. In the landslide area in Kadifekale, 46 buildings were destroyed on an area of ​​2241 hectares, and a lush urban forest consisting of trees such as redbud, pistachio pine and blue cypress was established.

New living spaces are coming
Çiğli Ahmet Taner Kışlalı, Air Martyrs, Muzaffer İzgü Park, Neşet Ertaş Park, Karşıyaka Mavişehir Public Park was opened. Gaziemir Evka -7 Recreation and Picnic Area, Konak Agora Park, Harmandalı Creek Edge, Bornova Adventure, Ulus parks and Dikili Beach and Bostanlı 2. stage coastal works will be put into service.

Island of flamingo
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality renewed the “completely natural C materials of the 20 kilometer of Bird Sanctuary. In addition to the planned routes as biking and hiking trails, new fishing shelters were built in the area.
as the only remaining area could reproduce the flamingos in Turkey Izmir Bird Paradise in the world's third largest island of flamingos was created.

Another beautiful coast of Izmir
The work to redesign the 40-kilometer coastline from Mavişehir to İnciraltı City Forest has been largely completed. The coasts of İzmir gained a brand new look with the arrangement works in Sahilevleri and Foça.
The area of ​​the 71 thousand 500 square meters on the Mithatpaşa Highway Underpass is transformed into a large city square.

Bicycle City Izmir
18 BIMIM, which was commissioned on January 2014, has reached the limit of alın 1,3 million usage X. BISIM, 40 station, 34 parking lot and 735 have changed a lot in the lives of the people of Izmir in a short period of time.

Profession Factory
The 108-year old Flour Factory in Halkapınar, which was restored by the Metropolitan Municipality, serves as a "Vocational Factory". In the historical building, which hosts the Vocational Factory, which offers an innovative solution model for the employment problem of the city, training is provided in 75 different branches for the sector and sub-sectors based on the qualifications required by the labor market. FabLab, which contributes to creativity and entrepreneurship, was also established within the Occupational Factory.

Great investment in history
Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the city's historical values ​​to protect the day and gave important support. Localization of restoration, excavation and excavation support for the development of the tourism sector from the locomotive sectors of development in the local area.

The financial support provided by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which supports the works in 12 excavation areas in Izmir, to the excavations in order to bring our historical richness to light, has exceeded 5 million lira this year. Since 2012, a financial contribution of 13.2 million TL has been made to ancient excavations.

Ancient theater comes out
The works for the discovery of the Ancient Theater of 16 thousand people in the foothills of Kadifekale which are thought to belong to the Roman period have begun. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has been paid the expropriation cost of 11.6 million pounds for the archaeological studies so far. The ancient walls and columns of the 13 thousand square meters area were destroyed by the destruction of the crooked structures, and the excitement of approaching the magnificent work increased.

Sığacık became the star of tourism
With the historical transformation project carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the houses in Sığacık Kaleiçi were restored and social and economic transformation was initiated. Sığacık, which has become the shining star of tourism, has become an exemplary model for “local development”.

Kadifekale lit up
He carried out the conservation and restoration work on the walls of Kadifekale with a team of experts. Metropolitan, continuing the restoration works in the Byzantine period cistern and masjid structures from the 14th century, also completed the lighting project carried out on the Kadifekale walls built by Alexander the Great. Being the “crown of the city”, Kadifekale started to show itself in the city skyline at night.

Historic Roman road protection
While the Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to preserve the Roman Road ruins, which are located in the area where Ikiçeşmelik Avenue and Bayramyeri, which dates back to the Ancient Roman period, are under protection, it also reorganized the Cicipark as a viewing terrace.

Restorations that change the face of the region
Important structures of different religions were restored. Emir Sultan Tomb, Beith Hillel Synagogue and Ayavukla Church.

Metropolitan contribution to tourism in Izmir
The Izmir Tourism Promotion Foundation, headed by Aziz Kocaoğlu, provides urban tourism to be promoted abroad with the annual support of Metropolitan Municipality by 4 million pounds.

Large investment in geotermale
Izmir Geothermal Inc. 2005 50 12, which is the partner of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Balcova and Narlidere facilities in the whole system was renewed and the Seferihisar Doganbey source of resources by taking the floor to play a pioneering role in electricity production. During the period of Kocaoglu, the center of the curing center in Cesme by the tourism to spread to the moon XNUMX step was taken.

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