The Largest Electric Bus Fleet in Europe Will Be In Manisa

Tests on the environmentally friendly electric buses that are planned to be implemented in order to relieve the traffic in the city of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and contribute to the environment continue. With the delivery of all the electric buses, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality will have an important policy by having the largest electric bus fleet in Europe.

Transportation In the scope of the master plan, the test runs of environmental buses, whose infrastructure works have been completed to a great extent, continue on the road routes. The environment friendly buses, which were planned to be implemented by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in order to create a solution for the traffic jam in the city center with a new vision in public transportation, were subjected to various field tests along the line from Manisa Intercity Bus Terminal to Manisa CBU Hospital Campus. In addition to traffic congestion, it will continue to test the environmentally friendly electric vehicles, which will also contribute significantly to the reduction of air pollution.

Europe's Largest Electric Bus Fleet
In the statement made by the Department of Transportation, it was stated that the biggest electric bus fleet in Europe will be under the presidency of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality with the 22 vehicle being taken over by the whole of the electric buses and an important principle will be signed in this regard. It was stated that the electric bus project, which was started by Cengiz Ergün, the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, was carried out meticulously and it would contribute significantly to reducing the traffic density in the city center and preferring the use of public transportation.


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