ARUS and TCDD Attended the International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium

In the International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium organized by Karabük University Engineering Faculty this year on the fourth of October, 10-12 October, the topics such as national and international scientific and technological developments, production, security, testing and standards in the field of rail systems were discussed.

Karabuk Agenda News, Hamit Çepni Conference Hall, the symposium organized by the country's leading rail consumption institutions such as TCDD and ARUS news that the ARUS Managers gave information about the subject.

In the news published on the Karabük Gündem Com news website, katıl It was considered as a complete scandal that the country's important institutions, such as ARUS, as well as the National Platform, did not participate in the rail systems symposium, which is expected to be realized by Karabük University, as well as the National Platform. To date, the reasons for the non-participation of the Turkish State Railways Symposium (TCDD), where international participation from the universities of Germany, Pakistan, Sudan, Azerbaijan, Libya, Uzbekistan and Iran have taken place, are questioned. Know the people "at the undergraduate level of the country, giving the diploma at the pre-graduate level, KABEMIR with a single university KBU right next to the rail generating amyl firm that makes the country's railroad consumption TCDD not nice to participate in the symposium" opinions were like.

Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) officials called Karabük Gundem today and said, davet This kind of international symposiums are researched months ago, one-to-one related institutions are invited, the program is taken out again 1-2 months ago the program is evaluated, ie, apar There are no international symposiums, we talked about these issues with our instructors in KBU and they told us that the symposium will be done in a much more detailed way after us. We love KBU; In this sense, we participated in the symposium at a certain level in the KBU, made a presentation, even established a stand, while the ways of TCDD did not participate at the General Manager level, but the participants came from there,.

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