Elevator Symposium and Exhibition 2018 Started

exhibition and exhibition 2018 began the asansor symposium
exhibition and exhibition 2018 began the asansor symposium

📩 08/11/2018 18:04

The Elevator Symposium and Exhibition with the main theme of "Design and technology" organized by TMMOB Chamber of Electrical Engineers and Chamber of Mechanical Engineers started on 18 October 2018 at MMO Tepekule Congress and Exhibition Center in Izmir.

The three-day symposium also includes a series of sessions, panels and workshops as well as a course on panel child education on lifts and escalators / bands çalış. The opening speeches of the symposium supported by numerous institutions, organizations and universities were made by EMO and MMO Chairman of the Board of Directors of İzmir Branch, EMO Chairman of the Board of Directors Gazi İpek, MMO Chairman of the Board of Directors Yunus Yener and Chairman of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects Emin Koramaz. In the symposium where all the parties related to the elevator will take place, contribution will be made to the solution of the current problems and decisions concerning the future of the elevator sector will be taken.

The opening speech of TMMOB Chairman of the Board Emin Koramaz is as follows:

“Dear Guests

I greet you all on the Board of Directors of TMMOB and on behalf of myself. Our Chamber of Electrical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers I am honored to be among you at the Elevator Symposium, which is the ninth year of our Chamber. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this activity for the 25 year. The first General Assembly of the TMMOB, 64. On the occasion of the anniversary, I congratulate all my colleagues on Engineering-Architecture Week.

Dear Participants,
We are going through a crisis that deeply affects all sectors in our country. In such periods, it is more important than ever to be together with all the components of the sector, to find common solutions to the problems and to be aware of new developments. 3 I hope that the symposium and exhibition that will continue throughout the day will be useful for the development of transmission technologies and elevator sector.

The economic crisis that we have been in for a long time but we have started to feel the real devastating effects of the 24 after the June elections has a negative impact on our lives. High inflation, rising unemployment, insolvent companies and investments that came to a standstill led the economy to a halt.

As TMMOB, we repeat that in all the activities we have been doing for years, there will not be continuity of the growth model based on hot money flow, instead of production, ranta, instead of industrialization, instead of technology, concrete based neoliberal economic policies will result in crisis.

Our crisis once again revealed our right to this issue. As the AKP's growth understanding based on external resources became unsustainable, the exchange rate rose, the increase in the exchange rate led to an increase in prices and inflation in the economy based on imports, and interest rate hikes in order to curb the rising inflation led to economic stagnation and bankruptcies.
The AKP, which denied the economic crisis for a long time, said it would eventually adopt a kind of IMF program under the name of the New Economic Program and will fight against the crisis.

Our experience shows that the program of exit from all kinds of crises under neoliberal policies resulted in more impoverished people. What the New Economy Program promises us is more poverty and loss of rights for the laborers and the wider public.

This anti-labor program stipulates that wages increase below inflation; aims at eliminating secure employment by flexibilizing the labor market; further narrowing the social security umbrella and directing individuals to private social security and pension schemes; it wants to usurp the vested benefits of the workers by converting the severance pay into a fund.

As a whole, it is seen that this program is a crisis program imposed by the IMF. It is not possible to overcome the crisis created by neoliberal policies with neoliberal solutions. These wrong policies should be abandoned as soon as possible, instead of rent economy, production economy, instead of capital priorities of public interests, instead of luxury and extravagance-based management understanding of savings, instead of the concept of saving the day of the development of a management approach should be adopted.

The exit from the crisis is not possible by submission to the wishes of the imperialist powers, international monopolies, multinational corporations, but by implementing a cynical understanding of labor that considers the general interest of the people.

As TMMOB, we will advocate publicist policies to prevent the people from paying the bill of this deep crisis to the laborers, and we will fight side by side with labor and professional organizations. In this context, together with DİSK, KESK and TTB, we continue our efforts to create a joint labor and struggle program for the exit from the crisis.

Distinguished Guests

While TMMOB continues its struggle for the protection of the rights of labor, on the other hand it continues to determine the realities of the country through the fields of profession and to produce scientific and technical works for the benefit of our country and our people with their solution suggestions.

This symposium is a product of this understanding. In this symposium, which brings together all the components of the elevator sector, with the main theme of ”Design and Technology Asansör, solutions for the problems in the sector will be put forward.

You know that every development in the field of design and technology increases the speed of production and development among those who have that technology and who are not using them. This situation further increases the importance of R & D activities, innovation and technology production. The economic priorities of our country unfortunately do not include these issues. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to follow the new developments in the international arena in countries with technological dependencies like us.

However, technology is a two-stage process. Using technology developed as much as developing technology is also part of that process. It has many stages such as production, inspection, control methods, quality assurance systems, education, accreditation and certification.

25 has made significant contributions to the development of standards and legislation in the field with the seminars and symposiums we have carried out in the field of transmission technologies and lift.

Elevator design, project design, installation, periodic control is the subject of electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines and training and certification activities for colleagues to work in this field are also carried out by our rooms. Of course, these trainings are of great importance in the provision of safe, efficient, comfortable and economical elevator service. Our rooms also have a duty to train qualified intermediate staff in the sector.

The development of the elevator sector has become more important with the increase of urban transformation projects and vertical development in our country. Parallel to this, many citizens are losing their lives and many of them are disabled. This is due to the fact that elevator inspections are not performed with sufficient quality and frequency.

It is essential that the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology broaden audits for authorized assembly and maintenance firms and hinder the activities of maintenance companies called “ladder Bilim.
It is unquestionable that the Ministry should be sanctioned by the Ministry and that the responsibilities of the maintenance companies regarding periodic checks should be increased.

It is important to create effective coordination grounds for production and maintenance in accordance with elevator regulations and standards, market surveillance and control, and solutions to problems in periodic control applications.

In order to discipline the sector, the Ministry should supervise the inspection of the elevator and installation company as well as the notified bodies within the scope of the Market Surveillance and Inspection and the legislative works should be completed immediately.

Our country ranks first in Europe and third in the world in terms of occupational accidents. Compared to developed countries, it is a known fact that the construction sites in our country are extremely weak in terms of security culture. In recent years, this situation has been registered once again with the elevator accidents in high-rise public housing constructions.

In this context; It is important to establish the environmental, health and safety management systems of all companies including those related to elevators, to determine the rules on occupational safety for the elevator companies, to train the employees and to constantly monitor the implementation of the rules.

I'm sure that; During the three-day event, the experts of the subject will address these points and contribute to the development of the sector.

I hope our symposium will be successful, and I greet you all once again with love, respect and friendship.


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