Antalya Sailing Club is Very Good for Konyaalti Beach

antalya sailboat
antalya sailboat

📩 06/11/2018 13:26

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel, the priority of Antalya always stated that, as a club of politics, said he saw the service. President Türel emphasized that the ones who lost the priority of Antalya were the ones who lost the priority of Antalya and said'y We have to tell them loudly when it comes to those who sacrifice Antalya for vicious strife with the ambition of authority and position Başkan.

The new facilities of Antalya Sailing and Sea Sports Ihtisas Sports Club, which was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality within the Antalya Life Park, were opened to service with a ceremony. Menderes Türel, Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Hasan Akıncıoğlu, Founding President of Antalya Sailing Club, Commander Ahmet Armağan, Antalya Sailing Club President Mehmet Atsız and guests attended the ceremony.

Konyaaltı was much more meaningful and beautiful
95 of the Republic. President Türel stated that it was a great pleasure for him to open the new facilities of Antalya Sailing Club on the anniversary. He started his speech with the words ızı We cannot thank the Republic and the founder of our Republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his fellow fighters ım. Türel, Antalya Sailing Club and the diamond necklace of Antalya will be much more meaningful and beautiful Konyaalti said.

The facility will eliminate a significant shortage
Sailboat who knows how important sailing club is for the lovers of sailing, Türel stated that the Antalya Sailing Club, which started out with 1996 in 6, had a sportsmen army around 250 today and said, için Antalya is a sea city where athletes are trained in the sea. sailing is possible with our club. For this reason, I always tried to support as much as I can think that our sailing club has a very important responsibility. You are instrumental in raising our young brothers. I believe this facility will eliminate a significant shortcoming. Bu

We didn't leave the Sailing Club alone
Expressing that the club's work before the use of the facilities located in Boğaçayı'da President Türel, Konyaalti Coast Project came to the agenda to leave the sailing club uninhibited to implement this facility, he said.

President Türel said, Başkan I said that we will provide a much better facility. I'm excited to serve you and Antalya as much as I can. The most important thing that keeps our excitement alive is to fulfill our promises. We work for this day and night Gece.

We encounter obstacles while serving
Türel emphasized that they are working to increase the welfare and quality of life of Antalya, rail systems, yachts in Boğaçayı, trying to make cruise ports, while some of the groups are trying to prevent it, he said sadly. Reminding that they encountered the same obstacles in relation to the Konyaalti coastal project, President Türel said, 'In Konyaalti, some of our citizens created human chains by holding hands, and in order to not bring these beauties to Antalya, Menderes Türel shore was going to close to Antalya. . If we had not finished this project today, our sailing club would still continue to serve in the place where we had been given in Boğaçayı by my own efforts.

Today, our sailing club will reveal its activity in a very nice, decent environment. Hopefully, there will be champions among these young people. İn

Vicious controversy loses to Antalya
President Türel said konu I have always been my priority in Antalya im and emphasized that he considers politics as a club of service. Ir Unfortunately, those who place politics at the center of life should actually think about the best interests of Antalya. When they take the service out and put politics in the second plan, they see that these unnecessary discussions do us nothing but waste us time. We work day and night to achieve our goal in a determined and determined manner. We are happy to have realized what we promised until today. But all these vicious conflicts lose to Antalya. I'm just grieving that. With the ambition of authority and position, we have to say to the people who sacrificed Antalya to the vicious strife by emphasizing politics without prioritizing Antalya. Plan

After the speeches, the Antalya Sailing Club was opened. President Türel was given a plaque of appreciation for his contributions to sailing. In the ceremony, young sailors who were ranked in the Republic Cup competitions were awarded certificates.


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