Two New Rail System Lines to Come to Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Tuna gave good news to Ankara residents in a TV program he attended. Tuna announced that two new Ankaray and metro lines will be built in Başkent.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna answered questions on a TV show he attended. Tuna clarified important issues closely related to the agenda of the Capital.

Tuna mentioned the discussions about the increase in bread prices in Ankara and stated that they would not raise the prices of Halk Ekmek in any way as the Metropolitan Municipality. Not only People of Bread, public transportation fees and water will not raise hike Mustafa Tuna, said:


Referring to the debate on the increase in bread prices in Ankara, President Tuna stated that they would not raise the prices of Halk Ekmek (Old Turkish Bread) in any way:

Kur 250 grams Folk Bread 70 penny. We do not consider any hike either. The most basic need of our citizens, we did not raise the bread, we do not. The bread weight is 280 penny. We will continue this. Bunu

Not only People of Bread, but also the public transportation fees and water will not raise the President of the Tuna, said:

. We do not raise public transport charges during this year. In fact, serious hikes came, but the fluctuations in the currency ends, it becomes stable. We have to be with our citizens. In transportation, we also do not raise the bread in water. We even made a percentage discount on water prices. For our farmers, especially farmers and livestock farmers, to continue life in the villages. We're making the roads of all our villages. This year we are continuing the construction of 3 bin 218 kilometers road. At the end of the season we will provide access to the villages without sinking into the mud and pit. On the other hand, drinking water works in our villages continue. We also mobilize our opportunities for young people to do livestock and agriculture. Gençler


Even in a period of slow down the construction season, the Metropolitan Municipality has increased its revenues, President Tuna said, especially in the excavation revenues increased, and said:

I Excavation revenues were in advance 30 thousand TL in advance. The average monthly amount of 15 million TL was transferred to us. It was a time when the construction season slowed down. In a fast season, this revenue exceeds the monthly 15 million. Hızlı


President Tuna underlined the fact that they will take an important decision closely related to the construction sector and gave the support to the sector:

Var The municipality has some fees from construction. Next week, we will submit a motion to the Metropolitan Municipality Council. We would like to make a contribution to the construction sector by making a reduction of half of the municipal revenues under the authority of the Municipal Assembly. Diameter, project control or numarataj like altı We will present this discount to the assembly for six months. I hope that our members of parliament will act in favor of the citizens and will make such a decision. We need to do something against economic pressure. We need to give moral support and financial support. Mor

President Tuna also reminded President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of the call for saving, emphasized that they support the works and projects that will not disrupt the balance of payments and they act according to budget and facilities.


President of the Republic of Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, two Metro and two ANKARAY projects with the gospel of the project, indicating that the President Tuna, said the project work is continuing.

President Tuna said that two new Metro projects between AŞTİ and METU and Dikimev to NATO Road were not seen with the two new ANKARAY projects, which will be connected to Forum Ankara and from Siteler to Airport Metro. underlined.

Noting that the capitalists have the most demand for transportation and infrastructure, President Tuna said, ve The population is increasing and transportation needs to be planned in advance and new roads and rail systems should be expanded. Proper project should be done in the construction phase so that the trouble of these projects should be rational, proje he said.


President Tuna stated that they have implemented the projects which will prevent the floods in Ankara phase by step, said:

“We have now started work at 15 points. Akay underpass was completed without schools opening. Our efforts continue to prevent floods in Mamak. Here we are laying 8 kilometers of water and 5-6 kilometers of sewer lines… The issue does not end, of course… It is not possible to say that there will be no floods in Ankara… If all these points are entered, the city becomes immovable. Therefore, we need to gradually solve the infrastructure step by step. There are serious work to be done in the infrastructure. Ankara needs this. After that, we will consider the climatic conditions in pipe sections and diameters while making calculations in infrastructure projects. ”


President Tuna, who announced that drilling works for the new Ulus Project had begun, shared the details of the project:

“Construction will be started as soon as possible. General Directorate of Highways carries out the construction and tender. Our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization transfers the cost of the project to the Highways. As Metropolitan, we have undertaken environmental and square regulation. You will enter the Youth Park and go underground from the Roman Bath. There will be an underground road from Anafartalar to the first Assembly. There will be a square in Ulus and there will be a two-storey transition for going and going ... Of course, some places and buildings in the region will be demolished. In the square to be created, tourists will have made both shopping and visits ... It is necessary to work fine underground. If there is no problem, it can be finished in 6 months. The current Ministry of Youth and Sports building will go. We have a building, the Centenary Bazaar will also go. Thus, we will have made a square arrangement. ”


President Tuna also clarified the discussions about the ANKAPARK tender and said that he found the criticisms unfair:

In What was not appreciated? A public, domestic and international tender was held. I find it unfair. They're nothing more than confusion. We said you didn't make an offer. With the conclusion of the tender, we will have 26 million 400 thousand TL and 3 revenue from the ticket revenues. This is how we did the tender. I hope that there will be two, three months of preparation. At the end of this period, 2019 can be put into service if it is not a mania. Bu

Stating that one of the important projects to be realized in the capital will be the National Gardens, the President Tuna stressed that the National Garden will be held in two places: AKM front and Gölbaşı. President Tuna also 19 May Stadium instead of a new stat will be followed, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, drawing attention to the attention, "Ankara, a beautiful stadium, we will be," he said.


President Tuna pointed out that the vehicles left in the streets of the capital adversely affect the traffic of the city.… This is a cultural issue den It is a problem caused by the conditions ın A problem arising from the changes in the zoning plans due to the lack of parking needs. New car parks are required. We aim to encourage the use of rail systems by making car parks in suburban areas. We are planning to provide parking in appropriate places and provide relief. We have studies in this direction. Bu


President Tuna also sincerely responded to the question of whether he will run in the local elections and said:

Iz Candidates are not nominated uygun In my duties given to me, the President and the competent bodies of our party are obliged to conduct it if it deems it appropriate. Our party is trying to show the most appropriate candidate. All parties do it too imiz What is the task to us to do it as our party, it is our job, our duty de Bütün

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