Akçaray to be extended to Kocaeli Stadium

Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu attended the) Consultative Assembly iyel meeting organized by Celal Ayvaz, President of Kocaeli Branch of Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association. General and local issues were discussed at the meeting, where a general consultation was held. Karaosmanoğlu, who answered the questions asked about Kocaeli, also stated that they started the project work on the extension of the tram project to Kocaeli Stadium. Karaosmanoğlu, who thanked to President of MUSIAD Branch Ayvaz before his speech due to his invitation, said: a SISSA is one of our favorite institutions. It is a very important organization established by our brothers working and producing for his country. Ül

Uz As MÜSİAD, we are constantly meeting our members with the values ​​of our city, business people and city managers. Imiz Branch President Ayvaz said,, Today we are hosting our Mayor. In the past, only the signage written in the remaining X European City, said that Kocaeli, 15 has received significant investments over the years. In this area, Ibrahim has been a great effort of our President and his team. What we can do to our city as MUSIAD contribute to her contribution. I would like to once again thank the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality for being a guest to us biz.

Our artisans, our industrialists and investors that they always support our "Friends Council" meeting in Istanbul said Metropolitan Mayor Abraham Karaosmanoğlu, "Turkey will develop producing. We have to achieve the best quality in every product and service we produce. We can never grow without exporting. After 2004 became a Metropolitan Municipality, we made great services to the whole city. We did not know the borders between the village and the city center. As the greatest benefit of being a Metropolitan Municipality, we provided services to every point from east to west, from south to north. We have always met with our industrialist, our trading company and our producer. Today we are witnessing one of these together. Esine

”We're moving these fears since 2004“
Mayor Karaosmanoğlu stated that they have taken responsibility as the Metropolitan Municipality for the training of qualified people in employment and said Başkan We are working together to address the foreign exchange manipulations that are taking place nowadays. I am your servant. Kocaeli never favored separatist and belligerent politics. Fortunately, this city was blessed. We have become one with our MPs, organizations and mayors and we have produced services. Politics is not a fight place, but the place of service. The place to do the show is not at all. It is an authority that needs to be worked to meet the expectations of our citizens. Fortunately, we have been moving and working on this consciousness since 2004 Çok.

HİZMET Serves our people with a quality service understanding “
Akçaray emphasized that Akçaray is a very important service and it is a very important service. Başkan Akçaray passed a very important success by passing the number of 41 thousand passengers. We are working to add new ones to the lines of our tram that serves our people with a quality service approach. Akçaray, which extends towards Kuruçeşme on this subject, has started the project work for extension of the Kocaeli Stadium in the Alikahya region. The construction of our Metro project in our Gebze region has started by completing the preparations of our contractor company. Our route will reach to the Organized Industrial Zone from Darica and will meet a very important need in transportation. 50 thousand people migrate to Kocaeli every year. All the needs of the population who migrated to our city were answered. All services in our city are considered as a whole. In 2007, we have an unplanned place. Especially, the President of the Zoning Committee of that period, İlyas Şeker, spent a lot of time on this issue. Im

Mayor Karaosmanoğlu said that, as the Metropolitan Municipality, they tried to make Kocaeli a brand city with their historical, social, economic and cultural values. Fortunately, we attracted an important investment in our city. We gave support to investment throughout the city with faster and economic accessibility. Thanks to the economies of scale that emerged from the single center of the services provided in the area of ​​authority of the Metropolitan Municipality, we have also been instrumental in increasing the efficiency, coordination and quality of services. Büyük In a sense of environmentally-friendly local government in Kocaeli, a gram of untreated water has not been released to the environment, he said, adding that they are doing this with the taxes of our citizens, tradesmen and investors.

İZ We serve our youth in many heads OR
Cities in the economic, tourist, commercial cooperation and division of labor they give great importance to the strengthening of MUSIAD Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor said the Friends of Assembly Abraham Karaosmanoğlu, "youth for competing with the World Turkey us we do not grow very well," he said "in Kocaeli Guide With the youth model, we are demonstrating very important services for generations that are well equipped. We provide services in many titles from campsites to Bilgi Houses, from Academy to Academy University. In this sense, we continue to work in the light of moral, scientific and spiritual values. Ve The meeting ended after mutual exchange.

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