Aesthetic Studies from Ankara Metropolitan

aesthetic studies from ankara big city
aesthetic studies from ankara big city

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to give a new appearance to the Capital in a modern and modern way according to the rules of urbanism.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which adds beauty to the beauty of the city and equips the Capital with its decorative, artistic and artistic motifs embellishes the environment, is also appreciated by the Capitalists.

Maintenance, repair, renovation and adornment of the Metropolitan Municipality City Esthetics Department continues to work, the Sincan Central Lower Passage, the walls were renewed with Seljuk motifs.


Head of the Department of City Aesthetics Ali Osman Kesikbas said the teams were conducting a rigorous study of the capital at many points such as over and underpasses, sidewalks, railings, urban furniture that require maintenance, repair and renovation.

M We are constantly working on renewing and overhauling the city to make it worthy of the capital. Eye Kesikbaş gave the following information about the completed works on the Sincan Central Underpass:

Incan We have renewed the entrance and exit façades of the lower passage with a damaged and damaged look at the Sincan Central Underpass where the traffic of Sincan is the busiest. We covered the area of ​​9 bin 260 with a special material called cellulose fiber reinforced cement and silicate based on fibercement. The characteristic of this material is that it is suitable for all climatic conditions, resistant to external influences and economical. It is a long-lasting material because it is more practical and economical to be painted and renewed if it is damaged. Ol


As part of the renovation of the Sincan Central Underpass, Kesikbas said that the walls were equipped with Seljuk motifs which gave a more aesthetic look than the covering of the walls with durable surfaces. The capital city loves this motif, Başkent he said.



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