Adana Metro Returned to Snake Story

adana metro froze to snake story
adana metro froze to snake story

Defending that the Adana subway has turned into a snake story, AK Party Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Zafer Kara said that the second stage project waiting for Ankara should be implemented in order to get rid of the metro hump on the back of the city. Explaining that the expropriation process should be initiated for this, Kara said, “There is a project but there is no money to make expropriation in the municipality. If the ministry takes over the subway after the expropriation is done, Adana will get rid of this problem. ”

Suggesting that the metro is rooted, Kara said, “If the metro has debt today, it is because the application is wrong and the tender is irresponsible. Both the construction of this subway, the money we pay and the trouble we have belonged to Aytaç Durak. Aytaç Durak has incompetence. No matter who says what, the sin of this belongs to Aytaç Durak. ” Emphasizing that the subways are like spider web in developed countries, Kara said, “In Adana subway, round-trip is made on a single line. You cannot win the metro if you travel on a single route like this. Metro does not survive without a ring. For this reason, the 2nd and 3rd stages of the Adana subway should be implemented ”.

Stating that Adana will get rid of this hump by transferring the subway to the Ministry of Transportation after the necessary expropriation for the second stage, Kara said, “It would be very useful if we had taken the subway to Çukurova University and the New Adana Stadium. A subway does not work very efficiently unless it makes a ring. ”


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